Friday, 1 May 2009

Ripple crochet and sewing panels

I have always loved sewing panels, maybe because it takes me back to childhood. Look at this beauty I just came across - I'd thought to frame it, but I think I'm tempted to actually make it up into a cushion.

I just love it, probably more than the last one I acquired (which I think I showed you - it was a rose one). The problem is, I never actually want to cut into the fabric panels I find... it feels wrong somehow. LOL.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your wonderful support for the blogshop - I've discovered I love commissions... I've just sent this one out...

which has a crochet flower on a padded flower motif.

Pictures of my other one coming soon....
If you have something in mind, do email via the shop and let me know.

Now, rippling!

I finally got rippling, using the fabulous Attic24's tute. It was so much fun, and I'm well on the way to getting my first cushion completed. She makes everything so easy to follow, and rippling is also quick - I find I prefer crochet to knitting for that reason alone. I'm always too impatient for the time it takes me to knit. I love the way Attic24 has pushed rippling through blogland... I'm seeing it all over, and it always looks so pretty. Thank you to her.

I had such a lovely time this morning. I'd popped into a local friend with a pile of gifts (another thank you - lots going on today!). I then had to pop to the Post Office, and found this (and other goodies) in the nearby charity shop. Now, I knew I loved it and had to get it... but my first thought was 'yay, it's Cath Kidston'.

Of course it's not, but it's another label I like just as much. Any guesses? I'm going to use it to make something... not sure what yet, but the fabric is just so yum.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend all. We've got lots planned, and it sounds as if the weather will be on our side this time. Remember all those wet bank holidays. Kicking off with sleepovers tonight and a picnic tomorrow. I can't wait!


Floss said...

What a lovely heart design on the sewing pannel! I understand why you don't want to cut into it! Have a great May Day weekend.

bekimarie said...

That fabric is gorgeous, love it!
What a great find!
Just off to have another look in your shop.
Have a great weekend.
Beki xxx

thriftymrs said...

I love those sewing panels, very sweet.

Great looking ripple too, I am really enjoying ripple. In the middle of making ripple cushions at the moment. Very satisfying work.

Anonymous said...

Your ripples are looking lovely.
Well done on the shop.

angel said...

I have a heart like that one, d'ya remember sending it to me, mine is much betererererer co's it has love in it from you, so it must be bettererererer.:-)

Now about rippling.... [sheesh i have only just mastered casting on]
it looks fab honey, and are you running that one on your post for me....hummmm s'nice.:-)

Love and hugs honey....... dont tell the icklies about the aftershave co's it will be imprinted in there minds, you know what they are like, they will never forget it, and in years to come, while at my wake they will only remember the Aftershave incident, and not the ow lovely was our Aunt Shabby sort of thingy, so for my sake.....DONT MENTION IT......... pweeze....


Fanks :-)

Claire said...

I like the colours in your ripples. What yarn are you using?

Anonymous said...

The sewing panels are lovely.
I am just learning to crochet, my friend came round and taught me this afternoon, and I'm loving it!
Take Care
Love Melanie xxxx

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

I don't like cutting into a piece of fabric either. Do you think we should it Scissorphobia? SueX

angel said...

Flup, well i am going to have to live with it now aint i..:-(
I cant see them letting that one go, i shall have to cross you all off me *Wake list* i have one ya know, its here.
The family.... [well they want to make sure i'v gone].
The Royal family, they will wanna know, co's me and her are like this *imagine fingers crossed*
The cast of Chicken run, i know i know but they write often, i do have to keep them happy and i get cheap eggs.

oh have to run as me haggis is trying to escape the fryer... brb...


angel said...

No was it really!!!! are they allowed to have words like that!

So you was fibalibing was ya... i shall get you back.... one day when you least expect it i shall go .... BOO ...... har-har that'll scare ya...

BOO, see, it worked.... BOO, and again, lol i could do this all day. :-)

Have a lovely relaxing day honey. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Oh i just remembered, you have a house full of icklies this weekend. *cackle*.. N'er mind..:-) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
henpere...well thats boring...tsk, i never get any gooduns....

TattingChic said...

Glad to hear your shop is going well! Oh, come on, just cut up that panel and sew up that beautiful heart into a little pillow! It'll be perfect for Valentine's Day or any room where a splash of red is needed! It would be a shame to put that pretty design back into a storage box! :)