Friday, 15 May 2009

Hallo - still cheerful!

Not bad, huh! Accessorize, and I picked it up at the car boot on Sunday... £1!
Funnily enough, as soon as I picked it up, there was somebody on my shoulder wanting it, though it had been there for a couple of hours. I love car boots when the prices are good. I also picked up some gorgeous vintage Jane Churchill. It was fun on Sunday.

Well, I'm very happy at the moment, I don't know why. Counting my blessings I guess.

I've had another mean-mum-banning-television-before-school-this-week session, and it's been terrific. At first they moaned, but it's resulted in more and more being done. My youngest found an old box... remember these anyone.

I last looked at this when I was about 8 myself. He's taken to it with a lot of enthusiasm, and is trying to complete the Norman church I'd started many many years ago. Bless him.

And this morning they baked. I didn't take a pic, but it was similar to the last thing they cooked... yummy.

As for me, I've been frantically busy sorting out new ideas for the blog shop, a couple of which I'm listing today, and a peek below. I'm having such fun with this - thank you so much for supporting it.

So, happy happy happy home here. Hope you've all had a good week.


Mary Poppins said...

How beautiful is that bag :) Well done on searching it out.

Look forward to seeing more goodies in your shop, have to say going through some sort of craft block, Ha Ha lots of thinking about craft, but not really much doing, ;)

Though have found a new passion so that is keeping me busy ;)


Anonymous said...

What a cheerful post, thanks for that. xxx

bekimarie said...

Ooooh you mean Mummy you lol!
Can't wait to see your little mans finished match building.
Lovely find with the bag, it's gorgeous!
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Great bootsale find! Very pretty.

You will never believe what I made yesterday! Not the same as yours and no where near as nice but hey great minds think alike!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Lol! Sorry if I kept you in suspenders.
I made one of those wash day pictures.

Floss said...

Great photos! I adore those bags. I'm a bit of a vintage bag fan, and even though I've handled loads of the real (old) thing, some of the modern Accessorise bags can still fool me for a while - I think that really shows how beautifully they've been made.

My other question is - how does anyone find time for ANYTHING before school? We start at 8h30 here, and a quick breakfast and (optomistically) a bit of a wash is all my boys manage, even without TV! Your lot have done wonderfully, though.

Lajoni said...

oh I just love Accessorize stuff ...I go with DD...just think you get some really unusual designs am now wooshing over to your shop to see whats new xxxx

louise said...

That bag is gorgeous.
We have been doing a no telly thing, it has amazed me what the children have found to do while its been off, we have had lots of really fun imaginitive play.
Have a good weekend.
Louise xxx

Elaine said...

Love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and blessings

Sarah said...

I had a matchstick kit like that too! I don't think it ever got finished though. Thanks for some lovely memories.

I love your little washing line - so cute. Lovely idea. said...

well done. Tell your kids my kids do not watch tv before school. They are fine about it now. Occasionally it gets switched on and it always results in extra hassle. keep it up!

we have no computer games here either - loads of my friends say they wished they hadnt started on that road as they have to limit them.

there is a really good tonight programmme at the moment that involved taking away all gadgets from some teenagers who by the end mainly said it was a good thing. you could watch the programme on your pc. I am going to this week.

love emma xxxxxx

LittleGem said...

Thanks for such a lovely comment Lacey :) I am so pleased everyone liked the illustrations! But I am nowhere near as talented as you when it comes to a needle Missy!! X

TattingChic said...

Great buy on that bag! :)

angel said...

Oooh i likey, where are you gone to Lastic, i missing you.

Get back on SC and chat wiv me, co's i need you......... to abuse... lol.

Luff you loads............ Mwah X

How are my icklies getting on? oh and let them watch telly if they want, you meany mummy, co's they is so good.:-)
Big hugups for them all.


Primrose Corner said...

Love those flowers you found at the bootsale - very pretty and I love the bag... gorgeous!