Sunday, 5 April 2009

Crochet, buckets, and buttons

Hello all! Isn't this quilt cover gorgeous! I've been seeing it all over, especially on the lovely Shabbychic forum, and I know some of you have it already. Wanna see what I've done with mine? It's not lying on a bed... More about it in a minute. But first, I've cracked something with my crochet this week, thanks to the fabulous Attic 24 and my daughter. I'll let my daughter tell you more about how she inspired me in her own post (basically by picking up a crochet needle and just making something rather inspired and brilliant without looking at any books or blogs, but just by having the confidence to go for it in the way only children do so often). Me? I'm thrilled to have finally made a jar cover:

It's quick to do, and really fun to work. I've been wanting to do it for ages, but just not gotten around to it.

So thank you Attic 24 for helping me to think I really could do it. ;-)
I then branched into small bowls...

Useful for buttons...

And then I tried a cute vase dish...

Talking of buttons, I'd like to say a huge thank you to my shabby chic mates, who have each sent me a button for a very special project I have in mind. These are the lovelies I've received so far, and they are all so beautiful... they are stunning, really stunning, but mostly they are beautiful because they are for something very very special.

Thank you Mitmot, Sootypea, Miss_Phish, Boysmum3, Twinny, and Diydeb. I'm really touched. I've tried to post the pic on the forum, but can't. Sorry. Photobucket just doesn't do it for me sometimes. Grrrr.
But no clues on what they are for... yet! ;-)

Now, about that lovely quilt from Tescos.

I've wanted something to play around with for ages, but I like to play with fabric I love. I can't quite bring myself to easily break into my Cath Kidston, worrying I'll make mistakes to something so precious to me, but even breaking into the quilt was hard. But I bought it, because I worked out I was getting around 10 metres of fabric I loved for less than £1 a metre. Can't be bad.

So this morning, Mr Lace and I set ourselves a challenge. He went off to the allotment with the youngest two, for 2 hours, while me and my eldest set too, to see how much we could sew in the 2 hours. We were very productive... two cushions:

Three fabric buckets:

And something else which I forgot to photograph. It was fun, and felt really productive.

I love the fabric buckets, and they are popping up everywhere, which is so cool. I've used them as plant pots, which works really well (as long as you have a waterproof container between the fabric and the plant pot itself, LOL).

After Easter, I've decided to open a blog shop, so my fabric buckets will be popped into it, and play a major part of it. Let me know by email if you want to snap one up. I really just want to fund my love of sewing, and especially making the buckets, as I love it so much. So things won't be pricey. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of suggesting that the buyer sets the price, in terms of offering what they think something is worth. What do you think - could that work?

It's the Easter holidays for us now, so with the kiddies at home, I won't be around too much. Have a brilliant time, what ever you are up to.


TattingChic said...

You've been busy! Love the fabric buckets! SEW lovely. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun, LOL! Love the colors. Your daughter is quite the crafter, isn't she?

charl said...

love your cushions and fabric buckets.. your dead clever you is!!
i cant wait for the shop to open i'll buy from you!

bekimarie said...

Love your crotchet bowl and quite wait to read your daughters post!
I also have that quilt cover but mines going on the bed. Love what you've done with it though, I would never of thought of cutting it up. You're right it's a very cheap way of making things.
I will definately buy some of your buckets but i'd rather you put a price on them.
I'm not confident enough to use the machine yet but Rich who's a whizz on the machine said he would run some up for me. When that will be though I just don't know lol!
Enjoy the Easter break, I'm looking forward to ours. We have a picnic planned for tomorrow so fingers crossed the sun keeps shining.
Take care
Beki xxx

Donna said...

Love your cushions Caroline and you know I am a fan of your fabric buckets. I hope the shop is a great success and you cary on sawing and gaining confidence. Have a great Easter with your family Donna

Lajoni said...

What a very productive 2 hrs amazing items you clever girls, your daughter obviously takes after you Lacey lol
Not keen on the buyer setting the price idea, but others might ....look forward to seeing your shop open xx

Josie said...

well done with the crochet, the cushions and fabric buckets look great and good luck with the shop!
Josie x

Floss said...

This is very exciting news! I'll look forward to seeing your blog shop.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Your cushions, buckets, and crochet, are all lovely!!! You have been so busy!! I really look forward to seeing your blog shop!!!

Will keep looking, you have a lovely week, hun : )

Sharon xx

MaryPoppins said...

What beautiful pretties you have been making, I love the good use of fabric, well done on what you made and I am very much looking forward to your shop, ohooo how very exciting :)


claire said...

See now you just made me feel very very lazy!!! :)
The cushions look fab x
I bought THE duvet cover today...going to use mine as the spare for our bed..great idea for the fabric :)
Looking forward to having a n ose in your shop xx

Josie-Mary said...

wow you've been busy, love the boat bucket.
I think I need to visit tesco's, they now do spotty things too - don't need a new duvet cover but I'm liking the idea of using the fabric.
Good luck with the shop :)

Pixiedust said...

Wow, looks great. My tesco quilt is on our bed, but I'm tempted to get another one now to cut up. xxx

Sal said...

I love the colours you have used for the crochet jar cover and bowl!
I look forward to visiting your shop!!;-)

louise said...

Its amazing what you can do when you set your self a challenge and there are not littlwe people around isn't it. I love your fabric buckets and Im so glad your goingt o be selling them, because if I can't make them at least I can buy them;-)
Your crochet si lovely, Iv never thought of doing bowls they are very sweet.
Have a good day.
Louise x

Trish said...

Wow!!! how productive are you hun!!! better than me :o) love the buckets, and can't wait to browse your shop, I think you should set the prices hun, there will always be one joker that wants to pay peanuts, your bitsys (does that sound rood) are fab and you need to set the price accordingly, remember what I told you when you did your craft fair sweetie! xxx

vintage girl said...

Amazing! I can't belive how much you manage to make in so little time. I love all of it! Great news about the blog shop I am sure it will be a great success. Lisaxxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

well you know im a big fan of the fabric buckets yours so good the way you just have a go and turn out such lovely things its very inspiring!! and obviously passing onto your children :-)
good idea to have a blog shop although maybe set a reserve possibly to make sure you dont make a loss but i think you would come up with fair prices anyway Lacey so maybe try with prices first ? love the crochet
have a lovely easter!
lesley x

Lyn said...

I have said before how much I love your buckets and yes I would like to buy one. I am new to this blog/esty thing infact I have never been to Esty! Must pop over. Let us know when they are on/up/available!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Gosh you've been busy!Love your makes Attic 24 is one of my favourite blogs, I'm tempted to take up crochet again now, I made a Granny square blanket last year and didn't want to pick up a hook again for a while :)

MelMel said...

Lacey......all fact just wonderful...I'm not surprised that you are doing craft fairs your work is so brill...

Such a great idea to use the quilt cover in that way!xxx

Elaine said...

Quilt covers and sheets are brill for value, but I do know what you mean about breaking into the ol'stash.
Lovely sewing once again, do you have any mojo to spare please???

love and blessings

Lace hearts said...

Hi big lacy dd here
you've been a busy bee.
love your fabric bucets aand cath kidson quilt.
can't wait for the shop to open and to see what things you sell.
can't wait for our easter holiday hope the sun stays as it is.
Love your crocha bowl and can't wait to see what you make next
love dbld (darling beatiful lovely daughter)xxxxxxx

Shabby Chick said...

Some lovely makes there, everything is fab! It's great your daughter gets involved :)

Mel xxx

Elizabethd said...

How creative you have been, lovely fabrics to work with too.

thriftymrs said...

Oh wow you have a busy bee.
You are such a crafty thing. I love the bucket I won on the KIN auction. It's fab and your crochet is terrrifc. :)


Lavender hearts said...

Hi Lacey,

Thanks - I've seen a few victorian wardrobes on ebay. I'm hoping I can pick 2 up for under £100. I don't really hang much up, most of my stuff is in drawers, and a lot of of the junk in the wardrobes can go in the loft. They are about 6 feet deep, are so dark and we would love an open fire in the winter. :-) I can't wait to have new carpet! the carpet we have in there is so thin and red. It's hideous! hehe

Hope you've had a good day.

Sian x said...


Happy Easter

Love Emma xxxxx

Margie said...

Great job on the cushion covers and the buckets. Hope you had a great Easter. hugs Margie.

silverpebble said...

I've visited this gorgeous post several times and been called away by the tots. Love those fabric buckets and the gorge cushions. The crochet bowl is inspired. Very clever.

Hope you had a magical Easter


cottage-home said...

I love the buckets used as plant pot holders, well done you!
x x x