Monday, 2 March 2009

My first stall!

Well, so I did it last week. Just a small local school craft fair evening... and really badly attended, but it was a huge thing for me as I've not done a stall before.

Pricing was the hardest bit - I tried to base it on what the materials cost, plus time, but to be honest, the prices weren't a true reflection of how long everything had taken.

I found it really difficult to sit with my things - I'm glad there weren't lots of people, because it gave me a chance just to see if I enjoyed it.

I did, and I got lots of lovely compliments about how colourful it all looked.

Best of all was the lovely help and support from my family - thank you!

So, that's a first! First time is always the hardest, they say.


thriftymrs said...

Lacey m'lovely it all looks so lovely. Will you do it again now you've got a bit of confidence behind you?
If you ever do one oooop here let me know.

mitmot said...

Ohh gosh it all looks lovely, you really should open a folksy shop and do more fairs. WELL DONE

angel said...

Oh Lastic that is fabulous, well done, you are a dark horse aintcha, i love love love your stall......stunningly yummy.....

Love and mahoosive hugs honey.

Lots of kisses for you this time, co's your worth it. XXXXXX and a couple more. X x X x X x X x X x X

Anonymous said...

well done you. It all looks really super - I wish I had been there.

Psst you have been tagged

Shabby Chick said...

That looks great! So nice to hear you enjoyed it. I'm having major struggles over how much to charge for things (not that I really have to worry for a month) but my husband thinks everything should be about £2 but then I'd make a loss!!!!!! Why did I ask a man?!

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I wish you lived near me , I would have loved seeing your makes, and making some purchases!! Don't let it put you off. At least you didn't have to spend a fortune to stand there, & it might be better doing one there later in the year, do they have an autumn, or Christmas fair?
I don't know how much it costs to set up a 'Folksy' shop, but that may be worth looking into. Also I wonder if you could do craft/ gift parties. Everything you make looks gorgeous!

Sharon xx

Lavender hearts said...

My goodness, you have been busy! It all looks brilliant! I want to have a go at making those notebook covers, they look great!

LittleGem said...

Oh Lacey it all looks gorgeous I would have been in my element at your stall! You should sell some bits on the classifieds too! Well done you! P.S are those covered notebooks in the bibi fabric or needlecases? They are gorgeous!

TattingChic said...

Congratulations on your first stall! Everything looks so pretty and charming! :)

Sal said...

Well all looks fantastic!!
When will you do the next one? ;-)

MelMel said...

Hello hun.....Oh well done!
Your products are wonderful....very well made and pretty!

Good for you!

April said...

Well done you, it all looks lovely

April xx

Flossie and Tom said...

Well done you - it looked lovely. I'm sure you were the best stall there.

I hope I find the confidence to do one.


Gingerbread said...

I am sure everyone loved your display, I would be nervous to I am hoping one day I can have a stall to show all my things to. best wishes Julie.C

Simone said...

Well done on your first stall! I think your prices are very reasonable. If you had a stall at the Country Living fair you could probably charge three times as much!

MaryPoppins said...

Well done Lacey, your stall looks amazing I wish I could have been there too :)


Dresden Plate said...

Well, it looks colourful and inviting, hope you sold lots. Good way to start, at a small fair, now go on to greater things!

Country Bliss said...

Well done it all looks lovely.
Yvonne x

claire said...

You should be really really chuffed with yourself xxx
Your stall looks fabulous...and definately looks 'top end' iykwim :)
I hope you will do more xxxx

nicki said...

The stall looks's so hard to price your work isn't it??
I've done a couple of stalls now and still have NO IDEA what to charge. But i do know that I love doing it, so need to organise some more.

I'm also trying to get my head around setting up and etsy shop.....or should i do folksy?

Anonymous said...

Your stall looks fantastic! Well done!

Lajoni said...

Wow that looks stunning Lacey and soooooo professional and colourful and fun too lovely lovely lovely xxxx

Lyn said...

Your stuff looks lovely, Lots on your stall you must of been up till the wee small hours making them. I especially like the circular bag/baskets. Lovely, I could have loads of them with all my precious things in!

Trish said...

lacey hun, it all looks really pretty set out, don't give up you did really well on the night xxx

mitmot said...

Hi Lacey Pants!
I wnat to make some more facric buckets like the fabby one you made for me and i am sure i have seen a tute or instructions for something simular, but i can find it now. Give us a clue PLEASE as i have been serching my books for 2 days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MM xx