Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A love affair with crochet

I'm so thrilled to see crochet on such a lot of blogs lately. I taught myself to crochet some years ago, and I love it to bits, though I'm slow... still making this blanket. LOL. Thanks to the fabulous and very generous Attic24, loads of you lovely peeps are starting to crochet, which is fab. Flowers are so quick to do... and the variety is infinite. I've been crocheting these lacy ribbon strips...

and a 3-colour one...

to turn into roses.

They work beautifully for brooches.

(Though the 3-colour one hasn't been stitched yet, so isn't pulling together properly at the moment).
But aside from brooches, I think it works just stuck in with the flowers my lovely hubs brought home...

With the crochet ribbon around the base. Crochet, crochet everywhere! Yay!!!

Better not just talk about crochet. ;-) We had such a hectic weekend, and I was quite ill all Saturday night. And I mean all Saturday night. This was a rare moment of total relaxation I enjoyed... I love this skirt. It'll probably be in my wardrobe for ever. It has such beautiful embroidery.

By the way, anybody ever been served these...

I've never had them before. Edible homemade bread bowls, with delicious soup. We were served them at a friends who had us over at the weekend (did I mention it was a busy weekend!). He had gone to such a lot of trouble, and it was lovely to try something new.

They were yummy!

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my last post - I really do feel buoyed up by everything people have said. It certainly won't be the first and last stall, but I plan to look into Folksy as well.


Anonymous said...

Lace ... your stall looked wonderful ... the only downside was that I couldn't be there to buy something!

I am envious of your crochet skills ... when I try it I feel all thumbs and it doesn't feel as natural as knitting.

Love that skirt.

As for the bread bowls ... I remember having clam chowder in some sort of small cottage loaf in San Francisco. The top part formed a lid. It's a great idea but if I did it my soup would be sure to leak out on someone's lap - not recommended if someone is wearing a beautiful embroidered skirt.


thriftymrs said...

Ooh yum.
I have been making roses like that today. :)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i am loving the crochet - even my own is coming along really well and i never thought i would get it!!!
those bread bowls look fab - saw something similar on "Come dine with me" - does the bread not get soggy ? looks really nice !
Lesley x

MaryPoppins said...

Yes thanks to you and Lesley am managing to do a little crocheting of my own :)

Wonderful flowers they are gorgeous, clever you :)


TattingChic said...

Glad to see you are enjoying your crocheting! I have had breadbowls of a different sort. Looks delish! That skirt is lovely! :)

Taz said...

Loving your crochet, I'm just a starter and can only hope that one day I'll have anything useful.
Your skirt is gorgeous, I'm not a skirt/dress wearer but that one I would.
Do the bread bowls get soggy? I've also seen soup served in pumpkins or gourds, such a clever idea and fun too.

As for the squirrel crisps they're not too bad, remind me of the Hedgehog crisps we used to have when we were kids. Please tell me someone else remembers them :)

Trish said...

your flowers look so pretty, and its all your fault I have got back into crochet again LOL!!! can't wait to see the blanket finished hun xxx

Hollypop's said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I like your crochet brooches, they work really well.
Love your skirt, the fabric is gorgeous.
Never tried the bread bowls before, but it all looks very tasty.
Took a peek at your previous post and would like to say your stall looks very colourful and inviting.
Take care.

Elizabethd said...

No...never done crochet, and I dont think I would be very good at it. I'll stick with cross stitch!

Josie-Mary said...

The crocheted flowers are lovely & I like the idea of the bread bowls.
Your stall looks great, I'm planning on doing my first one in June. I doing it with a friend so it shouldn't be to bad, lets hope people spend!! :)

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

well done for taking the plunge and doing your craft stall. It looked fabulous! I love your crocheted flowers too. I'm still going on my hexagon blanket but I think it will take a few years to complete at this rate! Lucyxx

♥ KNITTING ART said...

Nice crochet patterns...Greetings :)