Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour tonight 8.30 - 9.30 pm

Don't forget about Earth Hour tonight ...

It's amazing how this has grown into a global concern in just two years. If you can, do switch off your lights for an hour ... don't have to switch off anything else, just your lights.

Fun and very very very worthwhile.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes for my dd yesterday - she read them all, and was thrilled with them. Thank you Angel and Beki for mentioning the sock monster... eldest was thrilled someone spotted it. Extra thank you Angel for mentioning the special rocks. He was even more thrilled to get a mention... he knew they were special. xxx


angel said...

Aw Bless. *smile*
It is a very very special rock, and its only very special boys who can find them... Same with sock monsters not just any-old-one can make them.. uh uh, they take a certain talent that can only come from sock monster making special hands.:-)
And anyone who has a Birfday in March is very very special. :-)

Oi lassi dont forget them lights, i shall be trawling later..... *Oi git it orf, dont cha know there is a war on* or words to that effect.

Love that you posted about this Laccie, your an Angel. :-)
Oh and dont forget to give your Mum a kiss to kiddlies. X :-)

Floss said...

I don't know about Eath Hour here in France, but I'm inspired! I think Ben and I will just have to have a candle-lit meal tonight. Sounds good to me...

silverpebble said...

I'll definitely be joining in with earth hour. Such a great idea. I'm breaking out the candles....

bekimarie said...

How could I not mention that delightful sock monster, tell her I would love a tuturiol so I can make one for my little man.
Hope DD had a great birthday!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
It's blimming hard typing in the dark lol!

mitmot said...

typing by candle light is fun
MM xx

bekimarie said...

It's surprising how much you take for granted, was fun though. Watching Rich get his pizza out of the oven in the dark was fun 'hehe' but my candlelit bath was lovely. Note to myself, must do that more often. I am glad lighting back on now though so I can sit and read Ideal home.
Beki xxx

Margie said...

We enjoyed earth hour playing cards by candle light. Hope yours went well. Margie.

TattingChic said...

Well, I did light a candle tonight!

Thank you so much for entering in my giveaway at my blog celebration today! I really appreciate your comments and support of my blog throughout this last year and have also enjoyed your blog very much! ((Hugs)) to you! :)

louise said...

We joined in, I enjoyed crocheting by the street lamps!!
I have taken your advice and joined the Shabby Chic cafe, I will look forward to seeing you over there.
Enjoy your Sunday.
Louise xx

Josie-Mary said...

Glad so many people took part... it's was fun watching a dvd in the dark...meant I couldn't crochet!! :)