Thursday, 26 February 2009

Those chickens!

Well, here they are...

I have to admit having gotten just a touch obsessed with these lovelies after spotting them here as a tute, here as a tute, here, and here and here of course. They reminded me of one my aunt used in the 1970s, when things like this were so popular.

They are fun to make, and the ultimate approval: received "wicked" cries from each of my children when they got home. I photographed them outside our front door this morning...

I did them as small cushions, but I think I'll reopen them and shove in some rice to use them as doorstops. They really make me smile. Have a go!!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Cornwall for half term and swap collected!

Guess where we've been!

We've had a fabulous break in sunny Cornwall. I love Cornwall, and Devon, and we've spent lots and lots of happy holidays there. We go whenever we can in fact.

Well, it turns out that a fellow ShabbyChic blogger, Miss_Phish, lives fairly close to one of our favourite parts of this gorgeous county. And she generously invited us over for lunch and to meet her chickens and ducks...brave, considering she'd never met the Lace hoards!

We all had such a fabulous time. I can't rave about her home enough. It was difficult to pull ourselves away.

I even got to pick up my February swap package, which was so beautifully wrapped:

Inside the pink tissue was a lovely covered notebook and zipped bag - I'm so jealous, as I can't do zips.

What a treat. Under those was a lovely recipe book, complete with recipe for yummy chocolate muffins. Tested already, last night!

And guess what?!
Tucked away below everything, in a beautiful heart and flowers silk scarf (how clever was that - the swap was hearts and flowers), were these...

Yum, yum, yum.

We did a lot of walking along the coast, and visited Eden of course...

Did some ice skating on their rink, which the children all love aside from my youngest who gets a bit nervous.

More cushions...

(Think I'm a bit cushion obsessed!).

Well, I had to fit in my crafty bit, didn't I!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sorting and sewing: Cath Kidston everywhere!

Thank you all so much for the comments you left on dd's post - she's so excited by it all, and wants to return soon! I've tried to get around everyone, but apologies if I couldn't leave a comment - some blogs just won't let me past the password.

My son is thrilled with his new blue wall and curtains. Here is what he had put up with for the last couple of years since his sister moved into her own room...

There's stripes, because there's a bit of pink, and a bit of lining paper, and a bit of the odd torn away bit where cracks had opened up the paper and had to be mended.

But thanks to finding this at a reasonable price on ebay...

and a tin of skyblue paint, he now wakes up to this:

There's a lot of fabric on these curtains, and they need a trim, and there's enough for me to make him pillowcases, so he's a very happy bunny.

I also popped on his freshly cleaned duvet cover, the one I'd found in a charity shop, and swooped on not realizing it was Laura Ashley and I wouldn't be allowed to cut it up. He loves it to bits. Not bad for a couple of quid. Maisie 3 is also very comfortable there.

And after the disaster at the weekend, when I thought my sewing machine was no more... hubs managed to clean it out thoroughly, and last night I got sewing on a small project I'd had in mind for several months, just to celebrate:

I used the binding I was sent when I ordered from the wonderful haberdashery I raved about a while back (Robson & Mason - must put another order in soon for a few things):

and fixed a strip of Cath Kidston onto two of Tescos finest...

I'm very happy with the result...

And I make no apologies for more snow pics, so skip the rest if you are totally fed up, cos this bits especially for my wonderful children. We weren't fed up (far from, we're all so childish in this house!) and rushed out on Sunday to Epsom Downs to have our last fill. Recognise the race course?!

Well, we didn't see any horses! I had to take a picture of my feet in snow...

And we made Mr Funny:

Then came back for hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Yum.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A crafty guest post from dd

Good morning. Sad about my busted sewing machine, so am handing over to my 10 year old today...

My mum's sewing machine is broken, so she said that i could do a post, cause i have wanted to for A VERY LONG TIME. She said that i have done lots of nice things, so thats what i am going to talk about/show you.

I made all these things when my mum was out shopping somewhere so they had to be quick and simple.

The first thing i made was some flowers as you can see in the pic below.

To make these i had to draw out my template then i had to cut out the template. Scramble through my mums sewing things to find a button. Then i just had to sew it up.

In the pic above I made a apleca (or thats what my mum told me it was). some of the stuff had to be cardboard because we had no fabric in that colour. The flowers are all cut from different fabrics. I still have to sew it or glue it all in place.

Bye bye.
p.s This was fun so i hope i can do it again sometime

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow and (little bit of ) crafting and snow ;-)

We have had a ball. Yes, it's been frustrating not being able to do as much work as I need to, but I'm so not going to sit in my rocking chair when I'm 95 bemoaning that fact. But I will remember the fun we've had. And so will the little Laces. Aside from anything, it's been so pretty. Just look at what was tipping off our patio doors and how gorgeous the garden looked...

Even Mr Lace, desperately trying to work from home, decided to take time out to build a sled. This story is one of those life coincidences I find so heartwarming. We unearthed the pallet in our garage - which we've set ourselves the task of clearing by the end of March. Haha. This has been in there since we moved in some 10 years ago, left by the previous owners, and we didn't know it was there. That's how bad our garage is.

Anyway, we dragged it out just before Christmas, saying we must get rid. And now, for the first time ever, we found we needed a sled... and there it was! The universe works in mysterious ways. I find coincidences like this happen all the time.

It was great fun. And I mean GREAT FUN!!!!

Yes, I had a go! (But not in the pictures, LOL).

Another benefit of children at home, is discovering that they can tidy up!

I was so pleased, looking at something in this picture. I've been lucky enough to sort out my duvet problem lately with the immense kindness of two lovely members of the Shabbychic forum. More about this in a later post! I don't know how I'd do without this forum now, but the kindness of people to go out of their way that is shown on there is wonderful to experience. Anyway, my middle daughter was desperate for her own pretty duvet, as she's getting too old for the ones she has. I couldn't find her something at the right price, and was beginning to feel incredibly bad about it. However, this links to what I mentioned about things happening at the right time in a quite incredible way. I walked into a charity shop last week, and found this Laura Ashley duvet cover and pillowcase, hardly used. She adores it. The same person had obviously had a clear out and I got an equally yummy one for my son. Each cheap as chips. So that's sorted.

Of course, if I'm honest, my first thought was to cut it up for my fabric craving. But dd really did come first! I do have some scruples...!

Of course, the snowpeople got bigger and bigger...

I've taken another look at my lovely Zakka sewing book, though the results aren't too brilliant. But it was fun...

Still amazed at the sheer depth of snow.

And the fluffiness.

And best of all, we had two wonderful evening meals with people who are rather special in my life but who I see too little of. At one, we even played Christmas was magical.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow time!

It is deeeeeeeep here....

The deepest I've seen it....

What are you all waking up to?

Schools are closed, and the kiddies are out playing already. Hope everybody's safe and warm.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Happy memories from tagging

I have been tagged by Mary Poppins and Little Gem to post the fourth photo from my fourth file and pass it on to 4 others.

Haha! I laughed my head off when I found it, and it brought back lovely memories of one of our days out.

Here it is.

This was in 2006, and we went to Groombridge for the day. Amongst lots of other things, they have an assault course... and of course we pushed past the little Laces to get on it first. Well, Mr Lace got stuck at this particular part, Mr Lace being rather bigger than the small person intended to scramble through a tyre! Hence his rather red expression. What did I do? I laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm surprised I managed to take a photo that wasn't blurred. Mr Lace gamely said I could post it - I had to ask, I'm not that cruel! LOL.

Little Gem - I can't leave a message on your blog, but thank you for the tag! It brought back good memories. I also wanted to leave another message on your blog saying how lovely your union jack cushion looks, and how generous Sal was. What a lovely thing to do Sal. I love blogging! I've made one, but haven't taken a photo yet... picture soon!

Now, I have to pass the tag on to four people, but I should think as usual most of you have had this. But I'd like to pass it on to:
Lajoni - always hilarious, and hasn't let me down today with her post about knickers!
Diary of a Tinyholder