Friday, 9 January 2009

Therapy through fabric hearts

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my daughter. Her arm's still very painful for her, and she's having painkillers as often as she's allowed, but it's hurting her. With three children, I'm mostly rather gungho about their not infrequent injuries. But we've been lucky in that big injuries haven't been too frequent. However, this is bigger than normal, and I do feel very sorry for her. She's still preferring to wear a sling, or carry her arm across her body. So I think she has wrenched something, and she'll definitely be keeping that appointment on Monday morning at the fracture clinic. Your comments really helped lift me. I've tried to get back to most of you and I'm sorry if I've not been able to leave a comment on a couple of your blogs. But your comments meant a lot. It is horrible when one of your children hurts themselves - you'd so much rather it was you.

Sewing helps hugely to calm me down at times like these. And I'm trying to focus on the stall I've signed up to. So I've been making hearts. Does anyone else find it hugely difficult to cut into a new piece of fabric? I love each and every piece of fabric I have, and I keep them for a long time usually before I can bear to cut into them. There's the clarice from Laura Ashley, above. And a gorgeous French fabric I picked up last August...

A absolutely stunning fabric I found at a car boot sale, which I suspect is Jane Churchill, or something of that quality...

And the fabric I love most at the moment, if it's possible to choose... an Ikea print, which Cath Kidston may or may not have lent a hand to... (it's touted on ebay as a Cath Kidston print, anyway)...

Then you start to see something coming together, but it looks a mess and you wish you hadn't cut the perfect fabric.

Calming breaks with candles and wine are called for...

And then something happens...

It all pulls together in a rather miraculous way.

I love sewing!


LittleGem said...

I love your hearts and fabrics Lace, I agree sewing is very calming and its always good to see an idea develop. I have never really spent much money on my fabrics - I use samples or things from the CS or re-use old fabric so I am not too precious with them. But I am sure if I were to buy it brand new (especially if it was expensive like CK) I would hate the first cut! XX

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Your hearts are lovely. Your fabrics are lovely. Sometimes you can find Cath Kidston fabric on Etsy.
So sorry about your daughter. Someone once said to me that you don't know hurt until you feel the hurt of you child. How true. Children heal quickly. Much faster than we adults. She'll be up and about in no time.

TattingChic said...

Glad you got your "heart" therapy in!

Andrea said...

The Hearts look lovely, good luck for Monday and enjoy the rest of your week-end! x

Shabby Chick said...

Cute hearts! I love that lace you've used to hang one and the fabrics are gorgeous. I absolutely hate cutting into new fabrics as well, I tend to use what I have already cut into to death and then force myself to use something new. I've got a FQ of CK Petals and it's still wrapped up with the ribbon around it as I just can't do it!

Mel xxx

second wind said...

I have a similar aversion to cutting into new fabric...... I always think I'm going to make a hash of making. Love all those fabrics, the French one is very pretty.x Deb

Lavender hearts said...

Me being a busy body and always wanting to help peeps - I have a few huge tips that will really make your life so much easier making those hearts!

First of all, I think you are cutting the perfect heart shape out of the farbic, but you really need to draw it on (I use pencil) perfectly and then cut a 1 cm seam allowance round it.

Then what I do is pin the fabric hearts together (fabric facing) and notch all the curves (cut slits, in the seam allowance) so that when you fold the fabric out you get the perfect curves. You also need to cut a triangle off the bottom so that you sew right up to the point of the heart and get a neat point.

Then what I do is draw in pencil a 1 inch pocket. I sew perfectly around the heart shape (leaving the pocket on the diagonal side), fold out teasing the fabric out gently wit a knitting needle, stuff and then neatly sew up the pocket making sure to fold in the seems.

I really hope this helps, I've never looked back since using this method!

Sian x

claire said...

Ooh I feel guilty now for my lack of sympathy for ds1 yesterday lol!!
Jokes aside - I know what you mean - you just feel so helpless that you can't make their pain stop
(I was only impatient as after pain meds and tlc he was REALLY ott!!)
Check me out justifying my bad mothering lol!! I was very good at hiding my impatience though with lots of I knows!!!
Hearts are great x
I agree when it goes well I can handle cutting into fabric - but when you make a hash (frequently in my case) its depressing :)
Take Care xx

Sal said...

Lovely hearts and gorgeous fabrics.
I do hope that your daughter's arm gets better very soon ;-)

Lavender hearts said...

Thanks Lacey! It does feel very light indeed! Nice though. Long hair like that looks nice on 18 years olds really. I'm coming up to 30 now and wanted something a bit more sophisticated!

I think I misled you there. What I have found after lots of trial and error and making some very odd shaped hearts is that I make a heart shape out of card and then draw round that in pencil - that will be your sewing line. I then cut around the pencil line allowing for a 1 cm seam so that you can use the pencil line as a guide when you're swing to get that perfect heart shape. Hope that helps! :-)

Jenny's fabric days said...

Love the french fabric with the goose - fab!
I know what you mean about cutting - when I first started making curtains and clients handed over their very expensive rolls of fabric I used to measure the whole thing about 5 times so I did not cut in the wrong place! Now I only do it twice, remembering something my grandma said - if you measure twice and cut once then there should be no problems!!

Lavender hearts said...

I think I'm going to do a tutorial because I know lots of people, including me many a time, have made mistakes making these hearts. It's only through trial and error and through sheer determination that I have figured out an easy way of doing them. Once you realise how to do this you can then go on to do any shape.

MelMel said...

Love the hearts pretty!

Elizabethd said...

So pretty! Are they full of lavender? I find that I need to draw them, cut very carefully and clip all round the edges too, as LH suggested. They arent the easiest!

Lajoni said...

They are beautiful Lacey...true treasures...I will definitely have to try for myself one day as I absolutely adore them xx

angel said...

Morning my ickle honey bun, I hope all goes well at the hospital today for your DD. *HUGGLES*

I know what you mean about cutting into fabric! how could we, it looks lovely in one piece, then we go and cut into it!!!!!!!!! mind you if my hearts looked as good as yours i wouldnt mind getting my scissors out. *smile*
Love and hugs to you and your lovely family.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And another one just for Icklie MWAH X. and one more for her mum X

MaryPoppins said...

They are so lovely Lacey, I never can quite get the perfect shaped heart so am eagerly awaiting a tutorial :)


thriftymrs said...

Sweet little hearts.

fiftiesgirl said...

I really hate cutting my fabric up. I love making things but panic when it comes to cutting it. Strange!! x

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What sweet-hearts! You have such a lovely blog!


Anonymous said...

I definitely know what you mean about loving fabric, and not wanting to cut into it. My favourites are Laura Ashley & Cath Kidston. I also love the vintage Ikea fabric (rumoured to be designed by Cath Kidston!!)
I was lucky enough to get a cheap single quilt cover in Blue Paisley, from Ebay, and have edged a patchwork quilt in it .
I have just started a blog myself, and wanted to have a go after reading all the lovely blogs on the web. IT'S GREAT FUN!!
Hope your daughter is feeling a bit better.

Take care

Thecraftytrundler a.k.a Sharon x