Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Thank you and CK and Ikea goodies

Well, I've had a lovely surprise this morning. Lesley from Notes from my Days was very naughty and sent me a little thank you parcel out of the blue. Just look how pretty it looked. I didn't want to open it, because it looked so nice. All I did was make a rabbit for her. And it was a not-very-good prototype. I didn't expect anything in return and I'm very touched by this.

Inside the pretty pink tissue and the lovely ribbon I found a collection of parcels!

Lovely, lovely goodies...

Cath Kidston badges, CK tissues, fudge, and the ribbon.
I've been spoilt, and I say again, you are naughty. And very very kind. I've tested the fudge for you all, and it's delicious. What a shame you can't pop round and try a piece!

Thought I'd give you a taster of my next post...

a deliberately slightly blurry shot, but any ideas?

Now, we went to IKEA at the weekend. We managed to get out without spending more than £25, which I think is good for IKEA. Here's our trolley after we'd finished.

You'll notice we picked up a child as well! LOL. I've discovered Ikea cushions are an incredibly cheap way of getting the stuffing I need for my voracious sewing. I get as much in a 58 pence cushion (albeit a sale price) as I get in a £4 bag from my local haberdasher. And the cushion fabric is useable as well. Anyway, we picked up a small over bathmat for 99p, and it was cream, which seemed a little boring. I dug out that lovely Robson and Mason binding I bought a while back and started to think about putting it around the outside.

My lovely mum stepped in and sewed it - it's not quite finished, but I'm so pleased with my new cheap bathmat.

Thanks again for each and every one of your comments. I really do value your visit. I'm sorry I don't always get around to getting back to everyone. Thank you too for your lovely comments about my daughter. She's doing fine. Fortunately it's not a fracture, just fluid bleeding into the tissues around the elbow. It's painful for her, but I'm just so relieved she hasn't needed a plaster cast! Just spotted a most beautiful rainbow - off to look at it!


thriftymrs said...

The bathmat looks terrific, we use the sameone and hadn't thought of tarting them up. Great idea.

MelMel said...

Hi hun, I love that idea for the bath mat.....xx

Gem said...

Very pretty bath mat :) And a great idea about the cushions too

Shabby Chick said...

Love the bath mat, and what nice treats from Lesley :)

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the bathmat idea..... looks great


Andrea said...

Oh, I LOVE that Bathmat, you clever thing!! x

Country Bliss said...

Love the bathmat,I haven't used my binding yet.
Your daughter's elbow does sound really painful, poor girl.
I haven't a clue what you're going to make but great fabric!
Yvonne x

Anonymous said...

How lovely of Lesley :-) i am loving those ck buttons. The bath mat is lovely to :-)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Ikea sell children ?? hhmmmm may see if they do refunds and take mine back LOL
your welcome for the little parcel - nothing very exciting and apologies for taking so long to say "Thank you" !
love the idea about the cushions for filling I must pay Ikea a visit :-)
Lesley x

Hen said...

Hmm, am intrigued to read the next post because I like that blue flowery photo... Looks very Cath K?

I couldn't believe it, the last time I was in Ikea, that they can make and sell cushions for that mega low price. Stuffing/fibrefill from haberdashers is astronomical, I agree. It took me 10 bags to fill my Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillow, I had to keep going back for more, I can't bear to work out how much it cost - cats love it though, not that it was intended for them! I buy pillows sometimes and use the stuffing in those but I've also found you can buy giant bags of fibrefill on eBay for a very reasonable amount.
Hen x

LittleGem said...

Hiya Lacey!
Love the bathmat makeover.
Is your new project some sort of decoupage?? Thats my guess :)
Lovely goodies from Lesley too - lucky lady! X

Primrose Corner said...

Love the bath mat idea and I would never have thought of plundering cushions for stuffing. You're a mine of good ideas. Gorgeous thank you gifts.

sharie said...

A very pretty bathmat and a bargain price too! What a good idea .

I use cushion inners for stuffing too. That and I buy seconds duvets from boot sales (any size for a fiver)and pull out the middle.

Well I'm going away feeling more guilty than ever now after seeing your frugal ways. ;-)

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely bathmat... and what a great idea to use the cushion stuffing ... it's so expensive from craft shops. :)

MaryPoppins said...

I want to know what else you bought, I can see pretties peering at me out of your bag :)

I too am with Gem and I actually think it is a napkin or similar that you are going to do lovely things with, you have a clever mum too, must run in the family

Thanks for your lovely and kind comments, we shall do our best to be merry, not the drinking kind, I love a cup of tea, but the happy kind

Nearly up for sending your swap :)


Anonymous said...

The bath mat looks like it will be great when finished, and what a lovely pressie.

Glad your daughter is getting better bless her..


fiftiesgirl said...

The bathmat idea is fab! x

Elizabethd said...

What a pretty bathmat, such a good idea.
I cant believe that I had never thought of buying cheap cushions rather than bages of expensive stuffing, what a brilliant idea.

claire said...

Wow excellent idea for the bathmat - I have one of those ....and some of that binding.....hmmm!!! Add it to the to do list!!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello sweetie,
I love what you and your lovely mother done with the bath mat.
Also thanks so much for such a lovely comment regarding my 3 Treasures!
They aren`t always this loving... You know? Lol
It seems that I missed your last post, I hope that your beautiful daughter, isn`t in pain anymore... and that she has a fast recovery.
Debbie Moss

LittleGem said...

The edges of the pillow are left to fray, but surprisingly haven't frayed too badly after washing. Very fiddly though. X Gem

http://lavenderhouse.typepad.com said...


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I think you deserve a medal for only spending £25 in Ikea. Very well done! I love the CK badges only so do my girls so they get often are not where I need them if I am going to wear them!

Love Emma xxxxx

http://lavenderhouse.typepad.com said...

Forgot to say love the bath mat!

Love Emma xxxxxx