Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hospitals, hearts, and h-ice

Read on for a big big thank you to you all. But first... Today has been a little unexpected. Having three boisterous children, I expect to occasionally visit the above pictured icon. Well, yet again it was my 10 year old. Last year she got hit by a flying lock key. This year she managed to get her elbow caught in the iron frame of my bed just before her little brother jumped on her and twisted it around. I desperately didn't want to take her, but the doctor thought it a good idea to have it checked. So we spent a happy couple of hours at A&E. Oh joy.

Actually, it wasn't busy at all - as you can see - and we were seen quickly, but there was a lot of waiting inbetween times. Ho hum. I tried to get her to listen to that lovely Donaldson witch on a broomstick book as you can see in the pic above, but she's gotten too old! Ho hum. So we sat and waited.

Fortunately, nothing appears to be fractured, though they'd like me to take her to the fracture clinic on Monday - I'm hoping I can cancel that appointment. If two x-rays have shown nothing, hopefully a third will show nothing. I'll go down the ibuprofen road of treatment. So it appears to be a bad sprain, or ligament pull. She's got it in a sling cos that's where she's most comfortable holding it. And apparently a hot chocolate is a definite post A&E requirement!

Now, I had huge plans for today. I've finally signed up for a craft fair in February, to try selling my bags and bits and bobs on a stall, and I'm dead scared. Really scared actually. The lovely woman organising it emailed early December asking me if I would do it, and I delayed getting back to her until this week in the hopes there wouldn't be space. She's made space. Drat, I thought. So, I wanted to spend today planning and making lots of smaller items, cos I think those will sell better than larger items at the moment. Hah, hark at me. Actually thinks I may sell something in the midst of a heavy recession, poor sod.

Anyway, so far, zilch made. I'll keep you posted on progress.

Presumably you all know the amazing Little Gem. Little Gem is incredibly talented. And I was fortunate enough to get her for the ShabbyChic December swap. I've posted about the lovely things I received. I adored the heart garland she made...

and she kindly and tolerantly said she didn't mind me, cough cough, blatantly copying it. I've had such fun with the hearts. I've got a different idea of how I'm going to string them. But this is them so far.

If anybody uses fray check, does it work? The edges are fraying, and I can't get it in my local haberdashery and they knew nothing about it. Is it worth getting?

Now, I really ought to go and sew. But I think I'll carry on chatting!
I heard on the news on Monday that Trafalgar Square was frozen, so wandered thru there yesterday. Wow. It is.

For those of you who know Traf Sq, do you notice anything odd about it?

I went to Traffy Sq lots as a child and it was always full of pigeons. It was fun. Now look at it. Empty of any birds except the dreaded seagull! That seagull on top of the statue deliberately kept turning his back as I walked around, so I took a picture of his bottom.

I know it was for elf and safeteee, but it seems very sad. I used to love feeding the pigeons there.

I'd like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post about the cushion tapestry panels. I now know what to do to stretch them - I'll aim to get this done soon... but probably it will be a project on hold just for a little while so I can sort out stuff for my craft fair.

I've also talked about the giveaway with my littleys, and we all agreed that we loved the idea that Angel would use the fabric (possibly - I won't hold you to it!) for cushions for her daughter's wedding this summer. So, Angel, the giveaway is going to be on its way to you shortly! Hope you do love it.

Have good days all. And thank you for reading. I think blogging is such a theraputic activity. It's very personal, but it's also rather lovely to think people actually bother to stop by. I do aim to get back to everyone, but I do have trouble leaving comments sometimes if it's a typepad site - somehow it randomly won't show me the password and so won't let me comment. But I appreciate all the comments I get. Thank you. x


Rose&Bird said...

Hi Lace

Sorry to hear about daughter's arm, hope it's ok and she's not in pain. Children are pretty resilient, aren't they?

Good luck with the craft fair, I'm trying to get tables at a few this year as well, so desperately sewing samples to show organisers. How nice to actually be invited to join one!

louise said...

I hope your little girl recovers quickly, lucky you not have to wait long in A&E.
I miss the pigeons at Trafalger I so wanted to take my littlies there to "Feed The Birds" Oh well.
Take care.

Sal said...

Hope the elbow gets better..that must've hurt her!
I'm sure you will soon be making lovely things for the craft fair..where is it to be held? Good luck!

TattingChic said...

I love you blog post title "h-ice"! cute...make it fit, just make it fit! Ihope you do take your girl to the fracture clinic. It sounds like they want an expert to look. :)


MelMel said...

Hello lovely lady!

Sorry about the little un...:>(
Hope its all better soon...

Love the hearts and how FAB that you are doing the craft fair...well done, you make some super items, I've been lucky enough to have some...i just adore them...

Hope you having a good day...I've just back in from playgroup, littles asleep....tea for me and some food!xxxx

LittleGem said...

Hi Lacey,
You are so sweet but I am really not amazing! I had a big problem trying to get the hearts to sit the right way up and not flop upside down! Your hearts look great, is that CK paisley I can see?! Looking forward to seeing the finished garland, and seeing how you string it together as it will probably work better than mine! lots of love X Gem

Primrose Corner said...

Hope that arm is feeling less painful now.

I use Fraycheck on some labels that I use. It works really. Smells a bit when wet and you have to wait for it to dry but it works. I bought mine online.

My memories of Trafalgar Square includes pigeons must seem quite desolate without them.

Good luck with the craft Fair.

Shabby Chick said...


Ooh dear, what happen to your daughter actually made me gasp out loud, owwww. I hope it isn't too painful. Touch wood I've only had to go to A&E once with mine and that was when my eldest decided to spray kitchen bleach cleaner into her plastic teapot and drink it (why???!).

The craft fair sounds good, and I think you're probably right about the smaller items. As for whether anything will sell, well I would think people who are there are intending to buy something and speaking for myself I like to come away with at least something! Your things are great so I wish you luck even though I think you don't really need it :)

I've never heard of fray check, I tend not to worry about fraying edges unless it's something that will be handled a lot or on a cushion or whatever. I would have thought that bunting would be pretty safe. It is gorgeous bunting too!

You have a nice day too, Mel xxx

April said...

hope your little one is better soon - I fracture my elbow about 12 years ago and it was agony so she has my sympathy!

April xx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Angel has won the fabric!!!

Hope your daughter continues to improve ... hot chocolate sounds a good idea!

Don't be TOO scared by the craft fair ... you have made some lovely things .. all will go well. Have faith.


angel said...

So sad about icklies arm Lastic.:-(
Hope its better really soon.

I couldnt be happier to know your doing a Craftfair... YOOHOO you will be great, i just know in my bones your gunna do well. Mwah X x X

Poor Pigeons, now where they gunna live! i loved wading through their poo to get some bird seed from the vendor. lol

Ickle Gem is so lovely isnt she.
:-) good of her to let you nick her ideas.:-) ..... Lol

I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE WON YOUR GIVEAWAY......YAHOO I'M SO EXCITED......AND I AM SO LUCKY you know i never win nuffin, so im specialy grateful to win this lovely fabric......YAHOO..... fanx all the Lacey icklies for choosing me, your all the bestest laceys in the whole wide world. Mwah... and i SHALL make cushions for Dan & Beany's wedding day. YOOHOOOOOOO

Some for all the Lastic Licklies
Mwah mwah mwah, you have the bestest Mummy in the world, please give her a hug from me.... go on NOW ......... lovely. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Anonymous said...

Ouch for your daughter!!...Bless her cotton arm sling ;0) I now have a craving for hot choc!

Don't be scared about the craft fair, I'm sure you'll do really really well and will have a great time! Enjoy the butterfly feeling though, it's all part of it :)

I think they stopped you feeding the pigeons a few years ago, it is a shame I loved them as a child too. My mum never did though because she watched a film called 'birds' and since then didn't like them flying round landed directly on her head and she threw a fit...hilarious!!! hehe...I'm mean.

Lucy xx

Simone said...

I hope your little girl's arm is better soon and hope that she hasn't fractured it. I used to go to trafalgar square as a girl and the pigeons used to sit on my grandad's head and outstretched arms! All the best wishes for the craft fair.

The Vintage Kitten said...
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MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo Lacey well done on the craft fair, and good luck you shall be fine

I hope DDs elbow is feeling better and that the painkillers are working

Your hearts look adorable and looks like you have used pinking shears, I wanted some for Christmas, though i am sure DH wouldn't have a clue what he was looking for and would have come back with garden shears :) I think they really pretty things up when they are used

Yes I have many photographs of me taken as a child with pigeons on me at Trafalgar Square, i hadn't realised they had all gone, where have they gone to




claire said...

Hope your daughter is feeling ok - I was cringing with your graphic description of the accident!!
Trafalger pigeons......I thi nk it was those blighters that encouraged my bird phobia.. I have vague childhood memories of being made to stand with bloody bird seed on my hands so the mangey things could peck it off lol!!!
So no...I don't miss em!!! b:)

Hen said...

I have used Fray Check but generally just for the ends of ribbons, binding and the tags I sew into my bags. It works a treat on those but don't know about how it would work on a larger application. In can discolour the edge of the fabric (although it often dries to a lighter colour/back to normal) and can make it a bit stiff. Have an experiment on a scrap piece of fabric first. I bought mine in John Lewis, Oxford St, less than a fiver and you only need a little bit
Hen x

Elizabethd said...

Do hope your daughter is recovered now.
The craft fair sounds interesting, I'm sure you will do well.

Andrea said...

I hope that she is recovering well?! When things like that happen you would rather it happen to yourself than them wouldn't you! Love the Hearts!! Busy, Busy for you now then!! x

Anonymous said...

Hi , I've used fray check lots of times , and it is great . Even stays put after washing !

Elaine said...

DDs arm sounds very painful, hope it mends quickly.

Well done Angel on winning the fabric, I do like the sound of the wedding cushions too.

Hope the craft fairs go well. We are thinking of getting around more, but local ones are few and far between.

Love and blessings