Saturday, 3 January 2009

Cushion: help!, Emma Bridgewater, and organising myself

Isn't it pretty. I found two of these lovely cross stitch/tapestry cushion panels last year...

I've been having a clear out and found them. Yep, I got them home, admired them for months, then tucked them away and have spent the past month wondering where they'd gotten to. I love them, and I must get around to making them up into cushions. I seem to remember you have to stretch them, but I don't cross stitch or do tapestry and I've never made a cushion so I don't know where to start.

If you can help, please shout!

Now, we've decided on a few new year resolutions, one of which is to keep an eye on our expenditure. I'd been trying to browse the Emma Bridgewater site for their sale goodies, but have given up as it's so impossibly slow. However, I wandered into a local bookshop today, and this had been reduced by 75%:

So I snapped it up for the princely sum of £3.97! Don't you love the VAT change and all those extra pennies we're getting! ;-) There are three lovely little notebooks in the box cover:

Perfect for us to plan out what we spend and what we hope to do in the year, I thought.

They inspire me just to look at them. This is going to be the year of lists. I find when I make lists, things actually happen and get done.

Lovely hubs took two of the children to see City of Ember today at Kidsclub - kidsclub is basically very cheap cinema. However, they started playing an ad for Wrestlers, and then showed ads for the world's best vodka and the world's best red wine, etc etc. LOL - we were laughing about this a lot when I met them for a quick lunch treat in McDonald's.
The manager had to come in and apologise, because it wasn't appropriate for younguns - they'd started off the wrong reel! So, after they saw the right film, they came home and broke into a packet of gingerbread men that my 8 year old was given yesterday. Kids love making gingerbread men, don't they!

Here are the three results: 8 year old's on the left, 10 year old's in the middle, and 12 year old's on the right.

Now, a giveaway. Another thing I found in my tidy is this fabric. I bought this years ago in John Lewis. I love it, but like the woman who sold off her cushion tapestry panels, I've gone off it and my tastes have changed. It's a thick tapestry fabric, and there's a fair bit - about a metre, and a wide width. If anybody can think of an exciting way to use it, please leave a comment. The most inspiring comment can have it! I'd also love to see a photo of it being used in its new home.


TattingChic said...

Well, that is lovely fabric. Just beautiful, and what a nice gesture to have a giveaway. I'm afraid it won't go with my decor so I'm sure there will be more inspiring comments than mine, LOL! I did want to tell you my grandmother did needlepoint and did many cushions. I have a footstool that she made the cushion cover for. My grandfather finished it. You may want to inquire of an upholsterer as I am of no help, LOL! They have both passed on many years ago.
Your cookies look delish! You are getting yourself organized and that is inspiring to me!

Anonymous said...

I love the Gingerbread people! You have some talented children Lace ... wonder where they get it from?

MelMel said...

Hi lacey!

I'm watching friends.....been a busy day, only just got back.

Making quick pasta and sauce...put all the decs away...every where looks so bare!


MelMel said... all your BW goodies!

Lace hearts said...

Hi all. TattingChic - thank you - you always say such lovely things. It's about time I got myself organised! Thank you dancing - they love decorating biscuits!
Hi melmel, my house is stripped of decorations as well - except for the tree, I wanted to enjoy it one more night!

April said...

Gorgeous fabric, though haven't a clue what I'd do with it and got so many other projects on the go...

As for the cross stitch panels, it's not essential to stretch them, you could just sew them onto some plain fabric and make up the covers that way.

April xx

Simone said...

I noticed that your tapestry panels are by Jolly Red. I am sure that if you contact the company they will be able to advise you on making them up into cushions. I love the fabric you are giving away but alas I don't think I would have the skills to show it off at its best!

bekimarie said...

You children done a lovely job on the gingerbread men! We bought a gingerbread house to make for christmas and never got round to it, really should let Jess get on and do it. She has a friend round tomorrow perhaps they can do it then, may keep them quiet for a while.
Beki xxx

P.s love the EB books, what a brilliant find x

Andrea said...

I LOVE those Tapestry panels and will be interested in hearing what people are going to suggest on how to deal with them! Also adore the Books, you lucky thing you!! andrea

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Lace Hearts,

I see a lovely vintage corset coming out of it and a matching handbag. But that's just me.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

Lavender hearts said...

What I would do is have the pattern of the cross stitch in the middle of the cushion cover and then make strips of fabric for the top and sides (like you would a basic patch work quilt) and then make the back of the cushion with a plain fabric.

Hope that's of some use!

Elaine said...

Love the panels Lacey. They might shrink a little if you wash them, so a good hot steam with the iron wouldn't hurt, as long as you use a cloth between the iron and fabric, or hold the iron away slightly and let the steam do it's work.

Love the fabric. I'm not sure what I'd do with such heavy fabric apart from, maybe, cover a small stool, and maybe make a bag.
Sorry to be so uninspiring.

Love and blessings

angel said...

Me me me me me me me me, I could use it to make a big cushion for DD wedding as its a let them eat cake sorta day......... [this should swing it for me girls, though i bet it dont] *BIG GRIN*


Hello lastic, how are you my ickle cheese roll?
I am loving the tap's, i do/did taps a while ago [and a very small cross stick just for a special friend at Christmas] but i am so pants at them that i lose the enthusiasm. :-(
So i dont know what your gunna do to make them into cushions?

I love the icklies Ginger bread men, they are so cute. :-)

Love and hugs Honey.
Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X Mwah.

white o'morn cottage said...

Such fabulous panels. Lucky you! Love 'em...Pam

claire said...

With you with the lists this year!!!
Just back from visiting up north 0 spent large part of the journey with a pen and notepad!! Got my wedding in a list lol!! Its far less scary than it was in my head iykwim!!! x
The fabric looks beautiful bit it would only sit in my cupboard, so don't include me!!! Xx

OhSoVintage said...

Thankyou for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. It's good to find new friends. I made tapestry cushions many years ago and my husband tacked the extra unworked eges on to a piece of wood to make an accurate square. I think we then sprayed them with a plant sprayer and water. This way they are then a perfect square rather than an offset one. They are very pretty.

thriftymrs said...

No idea how to make cushions from those I'm afraid, but they look lovely.
I was on the Emma Bridgewater site for ages trying to buy tea towels, it was sooooo slow. So frustrating. Great bargain however for you.

Jenny's fabric days said...

Hi there, love the tapestry squares. As an alternative to cushions you could just simply frame them - press as already suggested then fix round a thin ply board securing with strong cotton on the back to keep tight, and pop into a frame. Alternatively, find you local framer....!
Cushions are quite easy too if you forget about a zip and use velcro along the back section...

Elizabethd said...

I love your stitched panels. I would steam them and just pin them to a board to make sure they are absolutely straight while they dry. I do this with cross stitch. I do agree they would make lovely cushions and Lavender Hearts is right, just an edging of the sort you would use on a quilted piece would be good.
Would like to enter your giveaway!

LittleGem said...

Hiya Lacey, I have had a play around with my blog and have removed the hidden word, hopefully it should work when you try to comment now. :) I love your cushion covers-to-be! Sorry I have no idea how you would actually do it though! XX

LittleGem said...

Ooh it worked! I am glad and thankyou for the double comments...every little helps! I have a mega load of photos for tomorrows post - they are of all my past swaps recieved :) I must try to keep it up, but it takes so long to upload the photos! xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi, sweetie!!!
I sure have missed youuuuuuuuuu!
Sorry for not been around, I just needed a bit of time off...
I always find the "Christmas Season" to be so stressful!!!
I`m thrilled to bits that its over now!
By the way... the needlepoints are absolutely divine... and I`m sure that they will look wonderful as cushions!
You may be able to find a tutorial if you type it on Google... about how to turn needlepoints into cushions.
I`m off now, its nearly midnight!
Off to bed!!!
Now that my life is that little bit more organized... I will come to visit you more often!
That`s my New Years "Priority"!

Love to you, and to your munchkins...
I love the decorations of their gingerbreads... although... where`s mine??? Lol

Debbie Moss

MelMel said... are you today?

-5 here, blimming cold!

May stay in today....:>))

Kim McBirnie said...

Don't know if this has been suggested already, but have a look at kellie's blog (it is called 'Don't look now!') she has a tutorial on making cushions. Otherwise google it as there are some amazing tutorials out there in the ether. happy New Year!
Kim xx

MelMel said...

From the window, it looks like a wonderful bright summers day.....but -4 now!
Ice is 1" thick....eeekkkk!

I'd love to have you here....:>))
You and Angel....would be so cool!xxxx

Andrea said...

Just thought that I would pop by to see if you have done anything with the Panels yet??!! x

fiftiesgirl said...

I too am with you on the lists. Ive started to do lists for us this week and things are starting to get done. It makes you feel good to put a tick at the side of things!!
Lovely things by the way x

Primrose Corner said...

I like the gingerbread biscuits - the hours of entertainment you can get out icing those. Fantastic investion.

That fabric is beautiful. I think I'd either make it into a bag (carpetbag type of style)or make a large floor cushion with it - like Amy butler's Gumdrop pillows.