Thursday, 29 January 2009

Thank you Mary Poppins!

I received such a lovely parcel of goodies from Mary Poppins this morning, which helped to lift me out of a very bad morning indeed. Just look at the wonderful packaging... recognise it! I love the way that Cath Kidston paper is printed on both sides. And in among those wonderful packages were 3 truffle chocolate bunnies (which the little Laces loved, and said huge thank yous sweets outside a Saturday are very rare for them), together with cinder toffee (yum, have I mentioned my love of a crunchie bar a few times!!!!!), AND with jelly beans. Lovely goodies!

The little heart really touched me deeply. It says 'I believe in you'. Believe me, it came at a very good time, because I certainly haven't believed in me for a couple of days. Thank you - that meant so much. I'm keeping it very close to me atm.

The heart is resting on a wonderful vintage pillowcase. I had these as a child, but although I've got the sheets, I haven't picked up the pillowcases yet. Thank you for that - it also made me blub, because it was so thoughtful.
And a rose linen T-towel. Too good to use as a T-towel, methinks!

More? Yep, MaryPoppins has spoilt me rotten. Just look at these goodies. The napkins are wonderful, and I even have a decoupaged card. I want to know how you got it so neat! And a lovely handbag compact mirror. And CK stationery and stickers. And lots of card pretties, which I'll have great fun using. And wonderful gift tags (on blue backing) - how did you make them?! They are so pretty.

There's more!!!! I got this fabulous cushion, beautifully wrapped in a pink ribbon.

It's so beautifully wrapped, I don't want to take the ribbon off. And the stitching is so perfect.
If that's your first attempt, I won't ever post a picture of my first attempt!!!

And more... a rose picture frame with a special poem. Together with some lovely stickers.

MaryPoppins, you have made me cry today. Thank you so much for all the thought and care you put into my swap. I'm frankly overwhelmed by the support I've found in blogging. And it lifts me everytime I found myself sinking down. xxx

I was also very lucky in winning Lajoni's giveaway. Just look at the lovely package...

I've lost the picture of the beautiful frame inside...will take another and post soon. Lajoni, do you mind if I post your photo, as you so kindly left it in the frame?! x

Finally, I made another of those bags...

I think this one will be heading to ebay, to try and help feed my fabric addiction. Feeding what is becoming an obsession is proving increasingly hard!

I'm so sorry I haven't got back to you all for your wonderful comments on my last post. They meant so much. I've just had a really bad couple of days. You all say such lovely things. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and to comment.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sew & Go purse

I recently picked up this magazine, because I saw the bags on the cover:

I've just gotten around to making a bag, and it was a lovely, easy project...

I stitched two buttons to make the catch.

The lining came from the fabulous Biker boots and chicken feet:

I've been waiting for a special project to use it on. Huge thank you for it.

And I couldn't resist posting a picture of our supper, just to remind myself that it is delicious. We're on a budget at the moment, so are using leftovers. This was cherry toms, courgettes, mozarella, and lots of pepper and herbs, all baked, and it was lovely!

Also, thank you Little Gem for my awards... I'll add you to the side. Thank you! I love getting awards, and I really appreciate your thinking of me.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Thank you for my awards! ;-)

This is just a very quick post to show you my cushion - thank you for all your lovely comments. Please do have a go - it is incredibly easy and great fun. I'll be getting round the blogs tonight to see if you've done one!



And a peek at the one I made just before that, which was an easier one...

I've been very lucky and been given a couple of awards. This one is from Country Bliss and shabbyangel and Bloomin Myrtle:

I love it. Thank you!

And thank you Josie Mary for this award:

The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming. This blog invests in proximity in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandisement. Our hope is that when ribbons of these awards are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give your kind attention to these writers.

Now this one has to be passed on to 8 bloggers who will then choose 8 more and include the above cleverly written text to the body of the award. The problem is, I think I'm pretty much last in line to recieve these awards (LOL), so you all have them. If the first eight people who comment haven't got either, please accept it from me and place it on your blog. Does that sound okay? Hope so!

And finally, the lovely bunch of flowers in the charity shop jug I picked up this week. They have so cheered up these gloomy days. So I had to pop in a picture.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Quick post re patchwork

This is just a quick post for LittleGem and MaryPoppins, cos I'm tired and my hand is aching. This is how I built up my patchwork, after the fab mitmot posted this ink for a tute. It's such fun to do. Pictures of the cushion I made from it to follow (but not tonight, LOL).




Thursday, 22 January 2009

Those tiles! LOL And crafting brooches

Thank you for all your comments. The tiles... I bought them at a craft fair a little while back from this lady.
Her range of ceramics is absolutely gorgeous, very unique, and I've been lusting (and saving!) after one of her milk cartons for a long time (picture from

She's also getting very well known - I spotted her stuff in The Sunday Times recently, and she's been in numerous other magazines and papers. Her stuff is lovely and certainly drew a lot of attention at the fair where I saw it.
The tiles just leapt out at me - I bought six, and here's the remaining two:

after hubs used the four above the sink.

Those panels by the sink were the ones from B&Q - they're B&Q shaker kitchen doors, reduced to £1 each. We're panelling the whole understairs toilet for around £20! Bargain, and they're a lovely colour as well.
She has a studio in Bristol, but I haven't made it there yet. If anybody goes, I'd love to hear. When I met her, I'm sure she said she does mail order.

I've been trying to make brooches this morning, which has been fun. I started off with a book,

but got fed up so I scribbled my own pattern and used that as a template. I prefer to make it up as I go along anyway - books are good inspiration, but they can be so fiddly to understand.

Then I did some crochet, and now I'm playing with putting them together.

I can't stop - crochet and small bits of fabric... very addictive!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Retro food fun

What's this? ;-)

Any ideas?

Well, it's from this book, which I gave to the birthday boy at the meal we cooked recently.

This is a hilarious book, if you haven't come across it. Me and my eldest spent a happy 30 minutes laughing our heads off at the recipes and comments inside. Just look what delights it has... Crown roast of frankfurters, anyone?

Nestled lovingly around a shredded cabbage base!

It's full of adverts that appeared in the 1950s, with added text. It's very funny indeed.
How about this one...

Making the wife's job easier... canned and processed food. If you can open it, you can cook it!

So, we decided to go for it and try out the banana candle.

We added squirty cream.

Our guests were relieved the whole menu wasn't from the book! Next time we'll have to go to town (if I can re-borrow the book) (though I'm nervous now about going to their house now!!!).

Progress on the house
I thought I'd give you a quick peek at the understairs bathroom, which is coming along painfully slowly. We've been here 10 years, and it feels like we'll never get it done. But it's good when you see small progress of what you want.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Thankyou and a list of action for the day

First of all, thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last couple of posts. I've tried to get back to everyone, but I still have problems with passwords randomly not letting my comment through.

The Cath Kidston box was easy to applique. And yes, I will try and do a tute when I do the next one (which will be soon, I hope). Country Bliss, you did make me laugh that you've ordered the tissues! LOL. Fab!!!! And if anyone wants to do a post on a day in the life of their kitchen table, please do. I'd love to hear about other tables.

Now, quick post, because this is our list. We just wrote it on our one lie in day, and I am just about to go have pancakes with the children so we can get started. So it's 10 am now. Think we'll get through all 16 points? I'll let you know. Lists are so fab, cos they focus you, don't they. What are you all up to? Crafting, I hope, so I can have a peek later.

Friday, 16 January 2009

A day in the life of our kitchen table

Our lovely kitchen table, where so much happens, and where so many memories are built. It yet again reminded me, because of the contrast in our table from last night's birthday dinner setting:

complete with the beautiful runner that Angel sent me, to the after school craft-iness it took on today.

I'd determined they wouldn't come out of school and zombie-fie in front of the telly. I don't know about other children, but it often results in grumpy children in our house, whereas if we get doing something, we have a brilliant time. So they each did something.

My 8 year old began to paint his money box, a Christmas pressie (once we actually managed to get into the box - boy, they make it hard!).

My eldest designed a rabbit, inspired by the rabbit I bought a little while back, and which I've blogged about already.

Said rabbit is coming along nicely.

We've now chosen and cut the fabric, and more pictures to follow.
And my 10 year old... Well, inspired utterly by Simone's wonderful post on Linden Grove, just look what she set to and did.

Me? Well, I've been busy today. A peek.

More to follow. But yes, last night was fab.

Thank you for all your comments about the IKEA/cath Kidston box. I'll try and do a mini tute when I make the next one and post pics for those that asked. It really is simple - just watered PVA and tissues.