Friday, 28 November 2008

Making a pillowcase with Cath Kidston

Sewing is difficult for me at times. I struggle to get seams to lie flat, and I struggle with sewing terms. My sewn line never seems perfectly straight like everybody's else's. I eye my sewing machine with distrust most of the time, because I don't understand all the different feet. I was worried recently because I broke a needle. I didn't know sewing machine needles broke... that's how naive I am when it comes to sewing, because apparently this is a well known fact as a more knowledgeable friend more or less told me in the nicest possible way. Sigh.

I'd love to start a sewing club so I could find out if there's anybody else near me who feels the same and we could help each other out. But for now I struggle alone.

This morning I decided I wanted to make a pillowcase, because my lovely hubs had bought me some material. It can't be that hard, I thought... it's basically a bag. The easiest way to do it seemed to me to take apart an old pillowcase and use it as a pattern. So I did just that. And then pinned it in position, and it followed on from there.

The ends were easy - just folding and sewing a seam.

The sides were difficult. I've never overlocked, and have never used any stitch on my machine but straight stitch. I decided to try zigzaging each long edge, before joining them. It wasn't as hard as I'd imagined (though it also isn't as neat as I'd have liked!).

The tops, where there's a fold to contain the pillow, were tricky.

But I'm thrilled with the result. And if I can do this, anybody can.

What I like so much about Cath Kidston fabrics, is that they are all mixable. What I mean is, they can all be thrown together and look fab.

So all in all, it's been fun to face another thing I didn't feel confident about.


MaryPoppins said...

You are a wonderful sewer :)

Your pillowcase looks brilliant and I love bubbles and boats together.

And you havent seen wobbly lines unless you have seen mine, all over the place :)

Now where is your delightful pillowcase going to be, your room perchance

Love mary X

Hen said...

They look lovely. The only way to get better at sewing is to practise, practise, practise. I know it can be disheartening when things go wrong but the times when things go right help to erase the bad memories, I find. Even people who have been sewing for ages are not perfect and still learning things.
Hen x

lajoni said...

Oh well done... it looks really really lovely and very professional....I bet your chuffed to bits I would be

Josie-Mary said...

How clever are you??? the pillowcase is lovely... well done!!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh I would join your sewing club immediately ! I have only just got my very first sewing machine at age 37!!! am still scared of it but baby steps all the way..........
you have done a fab job and totally right about CK fabrics - they look so good together in fact better when mixed that when its all matching I always find :-)
Lesley x

MelMel said...

Hello my dear, slightly tipsy Mel here, just had a few glasses of wine out at a firends!

Love love love the pillowcases!

Your a clever lady, my seams are never right, i cocked up a cushion cover last night, that i will have to redo....ggrrr!
Oh well!

Hugs for youxxx

fiftiesgirl said...

I love your CK fabric and well done on giving it a go!! I have a sewing machine on my xmas list and hopefully i have been good this year!!! I too though am very wary about actually using my fabric, ribbons and buttons in a project. I think i have something wrong with me. I made felt bunting the other day and just before i cut the shapes out i almost went out and bought more felt so that i didnt have to use the stuff that i had just incease i made a mess of it!! Well done for using such gorgeous fabric for that project it looks fab!! x x

What Kelly Did next...... said...

It looks like you did a great job, im like you when it comes to my sewing machine,ive only ever used straight stitch and wouldnt even know how to change to a different one let alone make a pillow case! X

white o'morn cottage said...

Lovely! We are never sure our own efforts are good enough but they look so wonderful. well done...Pam

angel said...

Minging all minging....... LOL
You are so daft sometimes, you make lovely things and are a natural Sewer, not many of us can say that......[ok i cant, but you certainly can].
Keep up the beautiful work Honey.
Love you, you little squiggly fingy you.
And one more for being so clevererererX

Anonymous said...

Can I join your sewing group please ;o)

I have looked in my area for an evening class on basic sewing techniques/projects but nowt. One down side of living in the sticks I guess!

Whoever would have thought that so many of us had sewing related issues...


Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

hello! First visit to your blog. You have done a fabulous job. The thing is we are all made to feel that we can't do these things unless we have been properly trained which is utter tosh!! Its just a way of keeping teachers in a job (and just about all other professionals).

Sorry, rant over.....

I love Cath Kidston fabrics too. Like you said, they can be mixed and matched to perfection. Keep up the good work. What a clever (I really mean well trained) husband you have....buying you fabric! Lucyxx

Trish said...

they look yummy hun, well done you, that is something I have not attempted just yet xxx

thriftymrs said...

It looks great. You should make more and more!
If you look up stitch and bitch online there may be a group nearby to you. They mostly stick to knitting but a lot of them are keen sewers which is where I picked up my stitch fetish.