Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hey littleys! Our weekend!

Recognise him? Bit more later...
Well, I promised to tell my children all about our lovely weekend, so this is a post especially for them. So, we went to London for a special do at a very lovely hotel...the entrance (they call it the foyer) had twinkling lights in the ceilings:

We walked up three flights of those stairs rather than get a lift because I liked the lights! We had champagne in a very twinkley room, then all had to find our tables in another room which had a lit up ceiling as well! There were about 1,000 people there, so it was a big room.

Our table had a lovely flower decoration, and lots of bottles of wine, which grown ups sometimes like a little bit of at these sorts of dos...

The white wine was nestled in an ice bucket to keep it cold. But it looks nice like that as well (but it drips all over you when you get a bottle out, so tip for the future - let somebody else pour if you find yourself with bottles like this in the distant future ;-)).

Then we had food. The starter looked a little like cat food, I have to say, but it was delicious. I could have eaten three!

Then we had some entertainment from The Blues Brothers, who were great fun. Dad's going to do it for you at Christmas if I find the hat and tie! We were very lucky to have a table close to the stage so I had a good view.

Then came lots of speeches. The speeches started at about ten past eleven last night, so mummy was almost asleep! The man on the left on the stage is Tony Robinson, who does that Time Team programme,

but people of my age know him as Baldrick in Blackadder, which was a very funny programme in the 1970s. That's a picture of him in his Baldrick gear at the top of the post.

The speeches were for people who have done very good work in their jobs, and they were given awards, which is a way of saying how much people like what they've done. They then had to have pictures taken.

I pinched a picture with Tony Robinson, who was charming, but badly jet lagged after flying in from Australia earlier yesterday. I felt jet lagged as well because I've had almost no sleep lately. What do you reckon?!

This is how he looked in character (the one sitting at the bottom - he was always at the bottom!). You'll recognise Rowan Atkinson from Mr Bean - he played another funny character in Blackadder.

We then had a band playing in another room with more twinkley lights in the ceiling, and had to do lots of dancing. Daddy kicked my foot because he was so enthusiastic with his dancing, so my dancing was mainly carried out on one leg because you know how big daddy's feet are! We then got back to the hotel at around 3am because Dad kept forgetting to phone for the taxi! That's why mummy's looking so grey today, and not managing to say a lot.

Now, today, we went up to Oxford Street, which is a shopping street in London. We saw lots of lovely windows, which you'd love, in Debenhams. They were the best windows we saw, which was a surprise because when I was young we used to go up to see the Selfridges windows. But they were half as good. So I didn't take pictures of them.

In one, they reminded me of the Blues Brothers from the night before!

What do you think?

In one shop we saw this dinosaur. You sit on him and he moves and blinks and makes funny noises. Well, a child sits on him and he moves. He'd probably collapse if me or daddy tried to sit on him. He's about £250, so you guys just get a picture!

Next we dropped into one of my long time favourite stores. It's called Liberty, and it has lots of lovely things inside, as well as being a beautiful building. I've been visiting there since I was a toddler, because I used to go with my mum.

This reindeer made me smile. Again, all you get is the picture, because sadly he was about £400. Actually, I meant the unicorn... thank you, Angel! I was still very tired when I wrote this.

They had funky mirrors from one of my favourite sofa companies, Squint.

That's all wrapped with fabric. Don't even ask the price - I fell over.

And cool pigeon lights, at £49.50 a pop.

And I bought a piece of fabric, but more about that in another post!

So, we had a fab time. Grandma tells me you all had a fab time to. But I did miss you all! There's nowhere better than home, even though it's nice to play out sometimes.
Love mummy. x


MelMel said...

What a super time you had!
Libertys and Tony...fab!

I@m watching the Antiques roadshow, feel so tired, now putting my room out, so hope they come tomorrow, i really need some sleep and rest!

Hugs for youxxx

Sal said...

What a fab time..and a fab post too..I loved reading it!! ;-)

What Kelly Did next...... said...

It looks and sounds like you had a great time! Lovely photos! x

angel said...

That Riendeer is a Unicorn........ isnt it!!!

What a lovely post Lastic *smile*
I see you had a horrid night, maybe i should have come up to see what all the fuss was about.....
I used to love going to see the lights in London.

You have given me an idea for OH Christmas pressie.......

Lovely post and so cute for the icklies to read about Mummy and Daddys Big night out....:-)

Love and Big huge snogs.....
Ok another one.X.
Stop pestering me for more...... X oops didnt mean that one... X oops or that one..... Have a good Monday. X [pooop or that one] X doh X

TattingChic said...

Well, I, obviously, am not one of your children, but I think it is so sweet that you would share your night out with their Daddy with them. What a secure feeling it must give them to know that Daddy and Mommy still date and enjoy each other's company! Good for you! It looks like a wonderful evening! I certainly enjoyed the post! :)

Josie-Mary said...

Sounds like you had a great time.... a weekend in London would be lovely right now :)

Lavender hearts said...

Did you win anything? :-)

Lace hearts said...

Hey, thank you all for your fabulous comments. Angel - you see, I was testing whether anybody spotted the deliberate mistake (LOL, not!) I think I was still hungover! Nope, I wasn't there to win - somebody on our table was up for an award, but didn't get it.

angel said...

Well, i would have rigged it so you did win ALL the prizes.

I am a vet [well no thats not true] but i once owned a dog with a poorly ear, so you see i know the difference between the Unicorn and the Reindeer.
Did you know i have a unicorn, hummmm well i have, i also have another corn on the other foot, but i call that a onecorn........erm because there is only one of them, or should that be one of *it*.

Love and huggles Honey Mwah X x X x X etc And more. X x X x X x X

angel said...

No that should have been Duo-corn.... eejit woman that i am!!! tsk tsk, because i laughed at you now you can laugh at me......... EEJIT that i am.......... doh.X

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo Lacey lucky you, what a fabulous weekend :)

I would have gone upstairs too, me no like lifts very much, and all those twinkly lights, yummy

How great to meet Tony, I love his programme, they like us find much treasure too :)

How funny, Master Poppins was entranced by the Dinosaur, it was in JL, mucho pennies

Thanks for sharing your magical weekend, reckon your children loved reading

Much Love

Mary X

Trish said...

sounds like you had a fabulous time sweetie, fabby shopping too :o)

angel, you are barking hun!!!!

Elizabethd said...

That sounds like a really super weekend! Oh to visit Libertys again...!

second wind said...

How lovely to do a post for your children, I bet they loved reading it. As did I, what a fun weekend. Thanks for all the pics, it's almost like we went too!!xDeb

Kathryn said...

Looks like a great weekend. I love Tony Robinson, yes I loved Black adder as well. One day I will visit that Liberty shop, I've heard so many people talk of it.

Anonymous said...

pictures. I can imagine you must have had a lovely time !!!