Sunday, 16 November 2008

Christmas is coming sooooooo fast!

Well, this is definitely going to be me in the next couple of weeks, as Christmas is so close and for once I am incredibly unprepared. Yep, I'm usually one of those smug, got it all done peeps. Probably a result of having young children so having no choice. But this year all that's gone out the window. Totally. One of my biggest problems is that I love buying things for my relatives and friends, really do love it, but I also find it incredibly hard to give away what I buy because I always, without fail, fall in love with it. Take this...
I found this beautiful crock cake store in Lakeland. It's new in and is £21.99. Take a look at it here if you want (I love this shop, and could happily spend a lot of money in there.) Well, this one was reduced to £12.99 because the box was damaged. So I bought it as a Christmas pressie for somebody I know will love it. It's fab. You can even turn it on its head and use it as a cake stand, if you wrap a ribbon around the embossed cake. It's gorgeous. So, now I want to keep it. But I have to give it away, because I can't buy one for me, one for her of everything, can I... Does anybody else find they have that problem?

Pssst: I did manage to talk myself out of these lovely napkins, as they were £4.50... but I'm not sure I can resist long enough. They'd look so cute on the Christmas table... see, there I go.That's why I very rarely go shopping at the moment, because when I go shopping I see things I want. I don't mean thrifting - I love going to charity shops. I wouldn't have found the fabric I've got recently without thrifting. But proper shopping is dangerous. I walked past Gap, and they have the most gorgeous stripey wooley things in at the moment (not on their website or I would have shown you, but judging by how fast it was selling, I think I'm not alone). In my head I'd spent £95 within 15 seconds of being in the shop. I managed to pull myself out - I simply can't afford it at the moment. Ah well, a gal can dream. But I can see the next few weeks are going to be difficult.
Happy preparations to all you lovely bloggers!


April said...

I know exactly what you mean, my best friend and I have very similar tastes and I have to force myself not to buy one for her and one for me all the time!!!

April xx

claire said...

Oh yes I have that problem too. As I'm wrapping I start thinking - humph will they appreciate it as much as I would lol!!
But its a question of strength strong.... you must not keep the presents you buy....if you be good I will too!!!
ps am I missing a secret code on your post???

TattingChic said...

Oh, a shopping spreeeeee! Wheeeeeee! LOL! The cake crock thing looks beautiful I love the lacework design on the bottom of it! Problem is I don't even know what it is for! I don't think I've ever even seen one before! Are there special recipe books for that kind of cake out there? Is it special cakes? HUH? Oh, you must chuckle at all your pals across the pond, LOL!

Lace hearts said...

Hi all. You've made me giggle. April - spot on!
Claire - I'll try and be strong, but boy it's hard. Secret code? You've lost me there?
Hiya Tatting chic - well, that's why I love it. I love the lace work! Hang on, I'll pop over the pond and answer your question...

Kathryn said...

Oh yes, I often buy things and think the person, wont really appreciate it. So keep it. It's a bad habit.
Love the cake container.
With Smiles

MelMel said...

Are you in work today?

If so have a good day!
Tis raining here, positive thought.....good for the plants!
I'm not going out in it tho...hahahahahahha...not after Nora Batty day last week!

Primrose Corner said...

That's one of the worst thing about christmas shopping buying things for firends and wanting them for yourself. We've lots of family birthdays immediately after \christmas too and that's as bad .... tempting sales etc. Fell like hibernating for a while but can't. I love that Lakeland cake croc.. I really would like one of those.

Elizabethd said...

I am the same too!
I do love Lakeland shops and wheneveer we are in UK I head for the nearest one.

Anonymous said...

Have tagged you .... see my blog for details!

Don't feel obliged to do it though - just a bit of fun!

Trish said...

now, where did you find that picture of me lol, anyway, love the cake thingy whatsit hun, gorgeous!!! I am exactly the same sweetie, buy 2 of everything hun, will solve the prob lol xxx

Josie-Mary said...

I used to have the same problem but it's great now 'cos I don't really buy presents anymore. That means I can spend all my money on ME!!! I stopped buy after I spent over £200 on 'little gifts' for people & I got back a load of crap from the £ shop!! Now I buy nice things from CK :)

MaryPoppins said...

Every day, in fact when i give that beautiful present to my friend my hand is gripped rather tightly to the said gift, no i really must let go :)

Like Claire said, we have to be strong :)

Mary X

MaryPoppins said...

Every day, in fact when i give that beautiful present to my friend my hand is gripped rather tightly to the said gift, no i really must let go :)

Like Claire said, we have to be strong :)

Mary X

angel said...

If you put that cake Thingy upside down it will read "EKAC" [but upside down iykwim]..... then its not so pretty anymore? so when will i be getting this Beauty then ...... hummmmmm.

I have not bought a single Christmas pressie yet!!!! and i dont have the inclination to go shopping! yet i always go ott, i dont know what the matter is with me at the moment!

I will have to go soon, or else it will be new year!!!!

Huggles and a million XXXXXXXXXXXXX
And one more X ok two X said...


Thank you for all your nice little comments recently. I do like hearing from you! Busy doing stuff for the fair and not doing felting. Would like to run a little course in felting just need to pluck up courage to get on and do it! Look forward to reading more from you as usual.

Love Emma xxxxx

MelMel said...

Hi there hun....thank you so much for sending me the horsey....and the mirror...i love it... so sweet of you!
Hugs.....i'll do a post tomorrow...i'm all tired out and sore eyes....really need to get to the eye doc!

Country Bliss said...

Oh yes, I always buy things that I want myself. I bought my MIL an expensive aromatherapy candle set once, she said 'that'll come in handy when we have a power cut!' Never again lol.
Now I wouldn't be able to part with that cake crock it's gorgeous.
Yvonne x