Monday, 3 November 2008

Angel - a wonderful new friend

One of the unexpected sides to developing an online life has been the friends I've been fortunate enough to make.
I know people say it often enough, but I never believed I would make friends when I started blogging and spending time online.
One of the friends who has given me an incredible amount of support recently, and has become a firm fixture in my life in that short space of time is Angel - I think you all know her hilarious blog here (though she doesn't post often enough!). Well, she's done more than enough for me in recent weeks, and has helped to keep me focused on the positive through a difficult period in my life. Her emails and texts never fail to lift me, especially as we share a similar, rather wicked sense of humour. She's now left me absolutely speechless with her parcel of goodies for the recent shabby swap. Angel, I hope we will remain friends. I hope one day we might meet. But until then, I'm really rather taken aback at your generosity and I don't know what to say apart from a big big thank you. You are very very special, with all the support you give to WIN and to others. I feel very privileged to have you in my life. The world's a far better place for people like you, and I only wish there were more of you around (and one living next door!).
As to the are some pictures. I should have waited for sunshine, but I couldn't wait to post about this.

At the back is the most gorgeous Laura Ashley cushion, which I've already snuggled into.

The Cath Kidston mug will bring a smile to my face every time I use it - and just look at the soap nestled behind it. How posh is that! And gorgeous towels and tea towels.

Can you see the buttons tucked under the fern fronds (also included in the package - my 8 year old announced on helping to open it that a forest had arrived!). And look at the autumn decorations. Aren't they gorgeous?

So, I'm rather choked up. You are lovely, Angel, and I'm so pleased you are firmly in my life.


Elizabethd said...

Isnt it lovely to have such a surprise, what a supportive friend you have.

Sal said...

What fab goodies from a lovely person! I must take a look at her blog too ;-)

Elaine said...

I agree 1000000000000% with you Lacey, Angel is the bestest of friends.
The internet has provided me with more true friends than I could ever have hoped for.

Love and blessings

(ps...... except for those "tena" moments LOL)

TattingChic said...

What a lovely gift from a special friend! Isn't it wonderful all the lovely things we've gotten through blogging...both tangible and intangible!

MelMel said...

Morning you doing today?

Enjoying a brew in your new fab Angel is!

Lovely to meet so many great ppl on here and make nice friends.....

P'S...i'll be emailing for an update.....see how things areXXXXXX

MelMel said...

Just skipping to the post office with Sians prize....
Lesley here all being well tommorrow afternoon, so that will be nice, i'm going to get my fabrics hearts made up, then at the weekend i'm making Stanleys,
need to get my skates on! eeekkkkkk!
Christmas will be here b4 we know it!

Hope work is not to stinky! :>(

P.S....'lo Angel.....x

Anonymous said...

She's an amazing woman ... that's for sure!

Country Bliss said...

What a great swap, Angel is such a lovely friend.
Yvonne x

Trish said...

what a lovely swap gift hunny :)