Friday, 10 October 2008

Huge, huge thank yous

I was taking a break from blogging, but I simply have to say some rather huge thank yous.

Blogging is rather new to me, and I've been somewhat taken aback by the friends you can make online. It's an aspect of blogging I simply hadn't realized was there. I'm so incredibly touched by the comments you made on my last post (I had to remove the post, before my children saw it, but have kept it). I'm truly touched by your kindness, and your caring. I really don't know how to get across how much your comments have helped. And thank you for your emails as well. It's made me realize how much happiness I get from blogging. I value all the comments you make, and I'm so sorry I've not been getting back to you lately.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Debbie. I am the proud carer of a bear, with thanks to my lovely friend Debbie at Debbie's English Treasures. He's come to a very good home, and he is already well loved.

Just look at his brooch - I just may have to borrow that from him now and again. Or maybe he is a she?! The children just can't agree!!!! I won the bear by guessing Debbie was referring to a bear in her recent cryptic clue. However, Debbie was rather naughty. She sent me a huge, beautifully wrapped parcel, and it contained more than a bear. It was stunningly wrapped - I took a picture before I opened it and I'm really upset that the picture didn't work. Inside it was packed with gifts. You are naughty Debbie, because I was only expecting a bear, and I'm very overcome by what you have sent. Here's a peep inside the parcel, which had a fabulous smell of lavender.

And there were lots of lovely treasures inside, together with a beautiful card...

Just look how beautifully everything was wrapped..., even adding buttons - how do you know about my passion for buttons, Debbie!!!!

Beautiful gift tags, a gorgeous soap scrub, a candle in a pretty rosebud glass - I'm wondering if you painted this?I'm just totally bowled over by your generosity. Debbie has such tremendous style, and flair, and generosity of spirit. She's well worth your taking a look at her fabulous blog, and at her lovely new website. Thank you.

I was also lucky enough to win Angelsey Allsort's giveaway competition, which was to name a doll she had found abandoned. I thought Angel in waiting was perfect, and so did she. And she also sent me a fabulous parcel of seasonal goodies. It was beautifully wrapped - I'm going to have to practise my wrapping.

I've munched through delicious treacle toffee, which took me back to my childhood and brought back wonderful memories - how thoughtful was that. She is another incredibly talented person, and I adore the bag that she has made.

And not only that, she'd included a stunning autumn leaf brooch, exquisitely handmade.

Angelsey Allsorts sells through etsy. Do take a look - her attention to detail is amazing. She has an incredibly funny wit, which shines through her blog posts.
Thank you so much.

Melmel - your fridge magnet makes me smile so much. Big hugs to you. Thank you. xxx

Happy birthday my darling 12 year old, my precious first born. You are amazing. You have always been beautiful, and I can begin to see hints of the wonderful adult you are growing into. I love you to bits, and I am incredibly proud of what you have achieved, your humour, your love for life, and your drive.


angel said...

Firstly let me say *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* little lacey. Mwah.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Secondly............ Flippin eck you are so Jammy ........ if i didnt love you so much i could easily dislike you right now! lol, [joking, that aint gunna happen:-)]

Though you are JAMMY ....... sulk ......... mutter ....... minge ... moan .......... mutter.

I am so glad your here and posting, you really must'nt do that to me ............ stay where i can see you and stop running off or i will have to get you one of those harnesses with a pink bunny on the front......... you would probably like that though .... erm ok, i will put you on a wrist harness fingy, one that has no adornments on it all all. *Sticking Tongue out at ya*

((((((((((Huggles Honey)))))))))

this much

Elizabethd said...

I missed your last blog, but hope you are all right. Much love.

April said...

Happy Birthday to the little Lacy!!!

You are so lucky with your lovely gifties - I am so jealous!!!

Hope you're feeling ok

Lots of virtual hugs

April xx

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday to your firstborn!!! What a happy occasion!

You are very loved! Look at those goodies. The bear is so sweet looking and it looks like your friend, Debbie, spoiled you! She's not naughty! You deserve a treat, don't you?

Anonymous said...

So good to read your post! As Angel said you are jammy but I think it's a timely jamminess (if you see what I mean).

Hope all is well with you. Your blogging is much valued.

With love xx

Lace hearts said...

Hello all. Thank you - your comments have moved me so much. I value you all a lot. Thank you for putting up with my wobbly. And thank you for the birthday wishes - she's being thoroughly spoilt this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say a belated Happy Birthday to little Lace.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Another one that I have found and thought of you:

Rather than gloss over a problem, take steps towards change.
Wisely dealing with a bad habit, isuue or problem... isn`t the easy way!
But later brings peace to your mind and life!

I know that its easier said that done!
But hung on in there...
You have wonderful blog friends, and we are all here for you... ALWAYS!


P.S - The teddy looks well loved and cared!
He / She... couldn`t be in a better loving, caring and warm family!

Blessings, my dear FRIEND!

Trish said...

Hunny, I didn't see the post you are talking about but will send {{{hugs}}} anyway xxx Happy Birthday to mini lacey for yesterday, how spooky as it is my firstborns birthday today and he is the grand old age of 8 :) lovely gifts you got there too sweetie, take care xxx

MelMel said...

You seem more cheerful?
That teddy would make anyone smile!
have agood dayxxxx said...

HELLOOOO - Yeah - glad to see you are back! Lovely winnings.

Love Emma - Lavenderhouse

MelMel said...

Lovely to have you back on here and all jolly....nice when something arrives and cheers you along!
I love "make" i think its super...i have bought one for my sis for Christmas!
Enjoy your takeaway!

Country Bliss said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter.
What a gorgeous teddy and lots of other lovely things.
Yvonne x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow what lovely goodies your a very lucky lady:-)
and happy birthday to your big 12 year old! I can't cope with mine turning 4 and 7 I will be wreck when they are about to be teenagers!
thanks for your comment on my blog - and yes me and hubby have those conversations numerous times as day as well LOL
Lesley x said...

Bloggers are generous souls and love giving "extras". Enjoy!