Thursday, 2 October 2008

Cath Kidston ...and my cushion is emerging!

Hello you lovely people. Now, do you recognize these...

More later!

First, the problem with my curtain find is the bottoms, which I didn't have time to show you.

A very thick pink cotton wedge. Which is also much too drapey. So I've got a bit of work to do. Also, our bedroom walls, as you can see, are lilac. What on earth do I do? Redecorate to suit the curtains? It's a bit of a problem. I'm good at getting nice things. Not so good at the co-ordinated look, unfortunately. I don't know how you all do it.

I had such a lovely day today. I met my mum, and we went shopping. We found the duvets in the first picture on my post in TK Maxx, thanks to a tip off on the Shabby Chic Forum by Little Gem, who has the most lovelyFlikr photos here . Huge thank you Little Gem.

I've always wanted the boat one, and I've got the other one to use as fabric as it works out about £2 a metre. So I'm thrilled.

I then spent a lovely 30 minutes in John Lewis choosing colours to crochet a blanket over the winter. What do you think? We had a lovely chat with another customer in there new to crochet who thought they worked well together. I love it when you have such good chats with strangers!

And as for my cushion... the edging is taking ages...

But I've now hand stitched over all the hearts, and around them, and pinned most of the edging in place.

I just hope my mum is going to appreciate all the work! lol.

Right, off on the school run. Late as usual!


MelMel said...

Oh i'm so jealous! have they any more?
Oh your too far away!
It is lovely tho...lucky you!
I'd be tempted to just paint the walls an off white and then one wall pale pink, that woulsd suit or pale green....if you don't want to be too girly!
Then that would tie it all together!xxxxxx

TattingChic said...

Your heart cushion is coming along nicely! I love the lace you've added!!! Yummm!

MelMel said...

I wonder if it was just thta tk maxx?
Or others, i've found ck plates and drawer liners and agift set all CK but never bedding, was it cheaper than the shop?

Primrose Corner said...

I'm loving that cushion. I'm really going to have a go at it. Can't make any recommendations about the curtains and the bedroom unless you add a lilac edge to the curtains (!!!!!!).... and you just took one edging off.... Paint one wall in the bedroon a matching/ complementary colour?

MelMel said...

I'm the most un-becoming shade of green!
Loving the cushion btw!
Oh and the bedding......:>))
Thinking i may have to con Olly into a visit to our TKmaxx....just incase!

LittleGem said...

Oh Lace you don't have to thank me! They are lovely duvets though, Hopefully there might still be some at the weekend when I'll be near one. Thankyou for adding my flickr too! xxx

Lace hearts said...

Melmel, if they had more, I would get it for you and post it off (and same for Little Gem!) - I think I was just very lucky. But apparently they are in other TK Maxx stores as well, so you may be lucky. But hunt - these were right at the back!
Tatting Chic - thank you so much. The lace was a lazy addition, because I was so fed up of making ribbon!
Hi Primrose Corner - thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to have to do something! Do have a go at the cushion - it's such a lovely project as it comes together.

MaryPoppins said...

I love the pink drape on the curtain :) Well done on your lucky finds I too have a couple of the pillowcases waiting but they have no duvet covers, we have the boat in single for DS paid full price so I am really happy for you and the cushion is looking lovely X

Trish said...

the cushion is looking fab sweetie, now, as for them there curtains, I ythink that what you need to do is send them to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) its the only option hunny *wub* xxx

Lavender hearts said...

What I do is work with what you've got. If you don't have time to paint then why not put a lillac dge on the bottom of the curtain and then try and introduce the odd lilac and pink few bits around the room. It does save a hell of a lot of money and time! If you do want to pain then I would go for white because I think white looks lovely against that print.

Your heart cushion looks amazing! :-)

Country Bliss said...

I'm sure your mum will love the cushion it looks beautiful. Great choice of colours fo ryour blanket.

Josie said...

the patchwork cushion look gorgeous! TK maxx, I've never been. Can't help you with wall colours I'm afraid, I've still got boring beige two years after moving in
Josie x

white o'morn cottage said...

So lovely! Both your new fabrics and your cushion! Well done...Pam

MelMel said...

Thank you for the info...i sent Olly and guess what he came home with?
See my blog!
xxxxxxx said...

Lovely finds again. Must go to TXMaxx in the am! I read melmel's comments and think I will have a good look around. Also like the bowls at Woolies that Attic24 has been talking about. What was it I said about not spending any money the other week? Must reread my posts! My attempt at the cushion (which was in fact going to be a cover for a seat has come to a grinding halt. Never mind!

Love Emma xxxxx

MelMel said...

Olly found some!

Thank you so much for the offer to send it on!
Very sweet of you!
I'm so pleased we have both had a great ck week! :>))))

MelMel said...

he was so chuffed and smiley....i would have been chuffed with one thing, i'm blown away with how good he did.....Tk maxx is always nad busy the couple of times i've braved it!
They do some good stuff....Olly said they had wicker basket's with floral linings!Think we have spent enough this week!
Really will stop now, and curb my spending...tho all of what we have bought was very reduced!
See what you mean about the good value!xxxxxx

Lace hearts said...

Hi Mary - thank you. It's good you managed to get the pillowcases.!lol.
Hi Sian - that sounds a really good option. Thank you. I'll have to do something.
Thanks Country Bliss, Josie, Pam, and Yvonne. Thanks for dropping by. It's so lovely to get comments. I hadn't seen that post, Emma - will have to look, though I think I've spent enough with the duvet covers and wool! lol.

second wind said...

What a lovely day you've had. Cushion is looking fab. I agree with earlier comments re your room. I would paint walls to match background colour of curtains. Could you bear to have shorter curtains, windowsill length? That would solve the pink border problem. If not, maybe remove the pink and replace with white/cream or even a piece of lace perhaps. xxx

MelMel said...

Thats very upsetting! how dreadful....why do ppl do things like that?
Sickens me!
Big hugs for you

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, found you through MelMel. Looks like you had a good day shopping, you're so lucky. I'm planning on going to TK Maxx today, wish me luck!! So sorry to hear about your Mum, some people are so horrible, hope she's ok. Love the wool for your blanket, I've been making one since March but I'm having to stop now to make Christmas presents, I'll post a picture so you can see it. I'm very proud of it but have no one to show it off to, OH not that impressed!!! xx

angel said...

Lacey, lovely stuff [yet again] i was going to abuse you, but reading Melmels comment what has happened to your mum?
I hope everything is ok........
Please let me know, your ok.
This much

angel said...

Oh lacey, i am so sorry for your Mum, that is awful!
What CS was it? we could all boycote the place..... well the place with the same name.
Tell Mum i'm thinking of her and dont let this get her down, they are not worth it.
Thank God she was not hurt.

Now i think about it there is posters in our charity shops saying that thieves take advantage of purses in their charity stores!
This much

Debbies-English-Treasures said...


angel said...

I am on my sons Mac, my poot has crashed as you know, i have convinced my kids to bugger off out so i can use his Poot, yay.........

I cant believe you have won another giveaway ... you are so BLIMMIN LUCKY .... LUCKY LUCKY. hmf.

sharie said...

What a feast for the eyes,,,, beautiful cath kidston curtains, CK goodies and pretty balls of wool for crocheting with. All that and then you get to your stunning cushion!

Lucky, talented Lady!

MaryPoppins said...

I shall look out for you and second wind for the blue vintagy ones if you like they are by actil and are sheridan
Gosh Mr. Maxx is doing well out of us isn't he :) X

Lace hearts said...

Hi again all. Welcome Josie-Mary, lovely to hear from somebody new.
Debbie - I'm so excited I won. I can't wait!!!
Thanks all for your comments about mum. She's okay, just a bit cross with herself.
Sharie - you are very kind. Your comment really made me smile.
Ooooo - yes please, Mary. Would you? Thank you.
Second wind - hiya! Thanks for the suggestions. Shorter curtains may be the best option.
Angel - big hugs, hope your pooter is back on soon. Miss ya. xxx

angel said...

Hello Honey, I am the one on the right the other is my DD, lol i should look so young.

I am glad (((Mum))) is ok.

My poot is sort of behaving atm, but for some reason it keeps dropping out of its broadband thingy? i hate it when that happens.:-(
Hope all is well with you and that you had a good race round with the Icklies.
This much