Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Autumn fun and an award

I love Autumn. Actually, I love winter, spring and summer too, but all for different reasons. But autumn is fun with the children and with leaves and stuff like that. We had a competition recently. They had to make a face out of what they found lying around...they set about it really eagerly. Wow. Mum was actually going to choose and prove which was her favourite!!!! (which incidently and for the record, I definitely don't have, as they are all so wonderful). Anyway, some 20 minutes later, and after a lot of giggling, the judge set out to judge the results, having not informed them that there were three categories. The under 8s. The 8-11s. And the 12s and overs. They pointed out that this meant there was only one entry in each category, but were very happy with their prize...A piece of chocolate for each category.

So, the winner of the under 8s category: The judge particularly like the big big smile on this entry.

And the winner of the 12 and over category. A very carefully thought out entry, with clever use of props, and wonderful colour:

And the 8-11s entry, which showed wonderful attention to detail and another cheery smile:

Well done all three of you!!! That was a lot of fun. xxx

Speaking of prize giving, I'm the lucky recipient of another award, this time from Amy at Home acre. I love it! I love getting awards. Thank you. I'll display it very proudly. It's so nice to know my blog is read and appreciated.

I've also received another lovely treat from Melmel, which I'll photograph and post soon. You are such a lovely blog friend, but you are very naughty. Thank you so much.

And finally, pictures of my 12 year old's party table. Now, she was lucky. She had a party for 10 or 11 of her friends from her old school... with this table... (Melmel - you may recognise something that looked so lovely on the table we just had to add it!):

and this cake:

and then another party for 4 of her new friends with this table...

and these cupcakes, which I've tried to post the right way up, but which insist on flipping over sideways. Don't know why.

She wanted to bowl for her party. So muggins spent a couple of hours in the local bowling alley on a Saturday, and a couple of hours on a Sunday. She had a fabulous time. I managed to grin my way through the bowling! You may guess that this is not my favourite activity. And in the face of embarrassment from my little darling, I couldn't even take my crochet. But it was all great fun.

Off for my tea now - bangers and mash cooked by my lovely hubs. Yum!


claire said...

Yum - cakes are making me hungry.
What a good idea with the autumn findings - you are such a good mum :) Xx
Your girls have wicked boots btw - tell em from me!!! (I'm down with the kids yer know!!) X

Elaine said...

Sounds like you've been having fun Lacey. Very talented children you have there.

And those cupcakes look so scrummy, now my tum's rumbling.

Love and blessings

April said...

Oh Lacey you are a clever mummy :-)!

Congrats on the award - it is well deserved

April xx

Kathryn said...

Loved all the faces, how creative. The lovely Amy sent me an award as well. Those cakes look yummy.. Thinks its time for morning tea.
With Smiles
Kathryn in the Loft

TattingChic said...

THat all looks like so much fuN! Congrats on your award, you deserve it! :)

Sal said...

Fantastic art! The faces are fab and the cakes..well what can you say apart from 'scrummy stuff'!!

second wind said...

I love the face challenge. I have gchildren staying during half term so shall try it with them. The birthday tables are fab, love the pretty floral plates and the butterfly ones. Someone likes smarties very much too!!

Elizabethd said...

Gorgeous cup cakes! Send them over.

MelMel said...

You have an award!x

angel said...

I love the smile's how sweet are they! i'm sure the last 8 to 11 category one has its tongue sticking out at you. lol

The party tables look fab, your such a wonderful Mum. *smile*

Cupcakes look lovely Honey.
Mwah. X x X x X
This much

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Everything looks so pretty!
Wishing your lovely daugther a belated Birthday wish!
Your 3 Treasures are very lucky to have them as their mummy!
Debbie Moss

P.S - Loving the table set and the yummy cakes!