Thursday, 11 September 2008

The mystery revealed! Ha ha!

Do you remember me buying this at Fred and Happy's sale? Wanna know what it is?

But first...

Now, a little while back I was tagged by my new blogging friend MaryPoppins. I have to post a link back to the person that tagged you (tick!) and post 6 unknown and basically unimportant things about yourself then tag 6 friends (hmmm, think they've all been tagged, so job done really, but if you haven't and you want to join in, jump in and let me know you've posted!).
This has taken some thought, but here goes ...

1. I volunteer once a week at my local RDA (Riding for the Disabled), which gives me a lot of satisfaction. We recently had an exciting visit from a rather special person, which we were all invited to attend. So this is the closest I've ever been to royalty...

She was lovely, and spent far longer than her alloted time.

2. Rather naughtily, I kept my eldest off school for the occasion, as I figured she wouldn't get such an opportunity every day. And she was sniffling slightly. I reckoned she was just old enough to remember, whereas my other two were a little bit too young.

3. I cry easily at sad things on the telly/in newspapers/on films/anything... ever since I had kids of my own. Never used to well up like that.

4. I am pretty impulsive. I like sudden arrangements, in terms of going out, etc. We book our holidays at the last minute. I strip off wallpaper without checking with my lovely hubs first. I've just started our landing, 10 years after moving in, cos I have never liked the heavily embossed wallpaper. We painted it a bright yellow when we moved in to try and hide it, but I've never really accepted it. I've almost finished my little bathroom. (Shouts, Angel! ;-))

5. That's another thing. I am still passionately in love with my wonderful hubby. I was blessed to find the right person way back in the early 1990s, and my feelings for him are stronger than ever. The original passion hasn't gone - it doesn't always go. I miss him when he's away, and my heart still leaps when he walks back in. A true soul mate. Soppy, huh! (That's not to say that we don't have our moments! He wasn't impressed by the wallpaper stripping. Haha.)

6. I'm the worst when it comes to being silly with my children. I often initiate the wee and pop-off jokes, and giggle the most... In fact, I am totally irresponsible when it comes to sillies, but I won't allow them to swear. Yuk to that.


So now I can show you the bean bag - see, nobody guessed! - I got from Fred and Happy. I fell in love with it, and so have my children. This means it wanders around the house rather a lot! But Mr Forty Winks decided he was happy to demonstrate it for you. I will post more pics of my treasures, I will...I just seem to keep getting sidetracked with other things to post about.

And finally, I don't put up pics of my children. But this is so special to me, I just have to. It was one of our wonderful French days this summer, on the gorgeous Ile de Re.

A perfect day on a perfect holiday.


second wind said...

More lovelies revealed, fab bean bag!
The holiday shot of he children is beautiful, captures the moment superbly.

MelMel said...

Hello...lovely post i want that beanbag!!!!


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I enjoyed reading the facts about you!
It just allow us to get to know each other that little bit better!
Your new Treasure, "The Bean Bag", its B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L, I bet that your 3 beautiful Treasures love it too, as it seems to be very comfortable!
Speak to you soon!
By the way... Thanks so much for always comming to visit me!

Debbie Moss

claire said...

Gorgeous picture of your littles x
Beanbag is gorgeous - have you finished stripping yet :) said...

Lovely pic of your children - truly lovely. Unfortunately for them I do blog photos of my kids as the main purpose of my blog is a diary of our time together. I do not have the discipline to cut out photos and stick on to paper and then write in hand - the pc/blog thing seems to work for me though. I love the way blogs focus your mind on detailing our lives. I try not to put anything too personal down as my kids would be mortified in the future. They actually know how to pose for blogging now i.e keeping their hand still for a close up of something they are holding or recently I said stand still, let me take your photo and they all immediately turned their back to me! I never blog their faces and they remembered! Looking forward to seeing the patchwork wall. Love Emma x

angel said...

Elastic, i have posted your fingy today, so you will see it soon [you did say thursday or friday?]

Also as you know i am almost royalty, when Anne told me she was visiting your little village she actually said "ja wanna come ange" "na says i, lastic lives dan that neck of the woods and i dont wanna out shine er do i" she was disapointed but nevertheless she ad a great time wivaut me.

As for the Beanbag, i knew what it was straight away but i didnt want to show you all up......... lol

Country Bliss said...

Beautiful beanbag, I wish they'd do a car boot down this way.

MaryPoppins said...

Lovely words, and yes I feel i know you a little better, we can have a good cry, and I love the photograph, beautiful X

Elizabethd said...

Although we dont live far from the Ile de Re we have never been there, it is a project for the future! Lovely photo.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Lace.

I just love the beach photo - one of those warm feeling pictures.


Trish said...

love the beanbag hun :) fabby xxx

TattingChic said...

That is a special photo of your children. That is frameable. The bean bag is very cute! It's always fun to get to know each other better through the tags.