Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Muffin, anyone? Cath Kidston frustration

Hello all! Hope you've got a cuppa, cos I've got muffins for you today. You have a choice: raspberry and white chocolate, or if you're two of my three kiddies, then white chocolate! Yum. Hang on, let me just grab a raspberry one and I'll start.

Now, progress on the cushion. I've machine stitched the patchwork pieces.

This is all coming together in a very relaxing way - it's a lovely project. And I'm so glad White O'Morn Cottage is doing one too - hers looks fab. I finally just decided to baste/tack the hems of the hearts. Thank you for all your advice. It was fun doing this last night in front of the TV. So, now they look like this.

Lots of these fabrics are really special to me, and it's going to be a lovely memory cushion. The yellow comes from a gorgeous fabric I still have that were curtains in my childhood bedroom - I'll post a pic at some point. It has lovely flowers, set on a yellow background. The pintucked white fabric is from a dress shirt my hubbie wore to special dos, in the days we could go out. Haha. So when I look at it, it makes me really happy. Even the tiny bit of Laura Ashley was part of a big piece I picked up on a trip to a car boot with my middle daughter. We ended the morning with a fabulous brunch by the river, and so it reminds me of that Sunday. So this cushion will tell me stories every time I look at it. I think that's how it should be.

Now, I'm a teeny tiny bit frustrated with Cath Kidston. They finally sent the samples, which I'd asked for three weeks ago, and had to chase... and they are tiny. But I'm also now more confused. I have the large samples from going into the shop, and had decided to go for the antique rose on white. However, this appeared in the samples:

I can't remember asking for it. I love it, but it's really hard to tell from such a small piece what the whole landing area will look like. I think it's Herbaceous borders. It has a blue element, but I'm not sure how that will look, as I can't see much of the blue. How on earth do they expect you to decide from these piddly samples! Hmmmm.

So, I'll muse a bit more. I may have to make a special journey back to see if I can pick up a bigger sample in the shop. Have any of you got this paper up? I'd love to see a pic of it in situ.

Have a good day all.


claire said...

I'll have a raspberry one please :)
And those wallpaper samples are ridiculous aren't they - OH said same - how am I supposed to get idea with that!!!

MelMel said...

I like the one with the blue in....very nice....i can see that in my bedroom!
I'll be having a good think about it! maybe xmas ....i'll add it to my list!
I'm here with a cuppa......mmm...raspberry for me!
It is annoying wheb=n the samples are so small...when i worked in LA i used to give big pieces......the roll was open anyway...and can't be sold!

second wind said...

Doing well and looking great. I like the idea of using 'special' fabrics. Was it difficult to cut into them though

second wind said...

Forgot to say, White choc for me please, though I expect they're all gone by now! x

Elaine said...

Any muffin for me thanks !!!

Love the papers but I think, for a landing, I'm favouring the lighter one. We only have "paper" in the bathroom now, everything else has been painted over or stripped.

Love and blessings

Anonymous said...

Lace ... Thank you so much for your very sensible advice on my blog ... much appreciated.

Wallpaper ... if you say you really love it then THAT'S the one.

I'd like a white choc one too but I guess it's too late.

The cushion project looks ace. Also the little photo with the strawberry heart looks like it belongs on the front of a greetings card.....

Well done you.

white o'morn cottage said...

That's looking gorgeous! Such lovely memories stitched together! I am hooked - now I want to make more when this one is finished. My sister Angie at Old Schoolhouse got me books of fabric samples to make more patchwork. I'm in patchwork heaven!
And you are so right about it being a nice project to do with someone else. No pressure or competition - just two crafters enjoying (and learning) a new craft. I'm so enjoying it. Will post on my progress tonight or tomorrow. Cheers...Pam

Lace hearts said...

Hee hee, the muffins more or less went before Angel got here! Just one left - bit crumbly cos of all the grabbing, but maybe you'll be in time. ;-)
And no, it wasn't difficult to cut them, Second Wind, because I'll now get a permanent reminder, instead of them being stuck in a cupboard!
Thanks so much for your comments, all. x

Country Bliss said...

Your cushion is going to look so lovely, you didn't need to use satin stitch the hemming looks fine to me. I think I'll just hem my pieces for my secret applique as I've never done any satin stitching on my machine either.

angel said...

Did ya make more of them Muffins, or shall i just suck the paper of old ones?
I love the cushions Honey they is loverly, you are soooooo talented, i fink i have said that befor? but you really are, Honest i think you found one of your many talents.
I like the paper with the blue bits in it, the CK peeps are stingy aint they........ could have sent you a a roll or suffink.
Btw i have not finished your swap yet as the compost aint rotten enough yet. :-)

sharie said...

Seems like I missed out on muffin...

The paper sample they sent out is a joke; I remember going into a local shop and asked for a sample and they gave me an incy wincy teeny piece. What a joke.

Goosey said...

Lovely blog, I shall come back to see more soon! Must do more sewing again, you have inspired me!

Lace hearts said...

Thank you - haha, Angel, yep, you've got the crumbs, I'm afraid. And thank you, Yvonne.
I do think they are a bit mean with the paper samples. It's very difficult to decide.
Lovely to see a new face, Goosey. Thank you for your comment.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

...And you once said to me that I was multi-talented!
I think so are you!
Making flowers arrangements are so easy... anyone can do them... but sweing its a different story!
Although I have promised myself that I will learn how to... specially after seeing your beautiful hearts... can`t wait to see the cushion.LOL

Good choice with the wallpaper!
The one that you choose was my favorite!

Debbie Moss