Friday, 5 September 2008

Me Pioneer Woman!

First off, I asked the little Laces to take another shot of part of my Happy/Fred haul...they didn't disappoint in terms of arty-ness! I think you can probably guess this one quite easily. It's fab, and I'll enjoy using it to hang my washing.

Now, I've become rather a fan of Pioneer Woman's blog, and decided to try being Pioneer Woman for an evening. We're always having roasties, often in their jackets, but I haven't squashed them before like she did, in her fantastic post here...

And double yum!!! Shame some of you could have stopped by. But maybe there would never be enough. Hee hee.

I'd made prior arrangements to have the cow humanely despatched and ready for a flash fry. Course, I had to make up the table with some pioneer cow touches. Also, the tablecloth I picked up from Fred and Happy - did I mention the tablecloth before? - came in useful. It just took on the part somehow.

Adding quarters of fresh iceberg lettuce, just like PW did!

I couldn't do the homemade ranch style dressing, as I didn't have the sour cream. But we managed the cowboy hats which added a certain authenticity. It was all very delicious.

We've also been busy in the kitchen with our jam and chutney making, all taken on by Mr Lace, as he doesn't get scared of the rolling boil thing like I do. So from this...

to this...

to these...

Lots and lots of these. If we lived on bottled jams and chutneys, we'd live very cheaply indeed!

Now, where's that camera. Got to take some more shots....

Oooo, and exciting news...I've started on my understairs cupboards. Piccies soon. And the landing... after 10 years, I've begun to get off my backside and make progress again. Hurray!


Anonymous said...

Love PW's blog and love yours!

Wish we'd had a photo of you too!

angel said...

Lush Tablecloth, lastic.
Wow what a great idea, i have looked on Pioneer womans blog and was gunna try the tatties after seeing your post i deffo am gunna do it........ slurp....... had i had an invite i would have sat at your table with you all, but sadly i wasnt invited....... was I, tsk tsk. :-)

Jam and chutney looks lummy.

Another great post honey. Mwah
[and i didnt embarress you once, in my reply, did i Hummm].

Love and huggles honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

April said...

That all looks so yummy

April xx

Anonymous said...

All this looks so yummy, My son loves roast`s but not made them for a while, i better do soon

MelMel said...


Loving your blog!!!

Country Bliss said...

I saw those potatoes on pioneer womans blog they look great.
Loving that tablecloth!
I haven't even found enough blackberries to make a pot of jam this year.

angel said...

See i have followed the recipe and i am just about to eat mine....... i have taken photo's [mind you i did forget and peeled the pot's...eek], i will put them on my blog ............. but only if you bother to look at my blog OCASIONALLY........ :-)

I wub you
...........this much ..........
X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Vintage to Victorian said...

Those little Laces take some very clever photos!

Loved the look of the potatoes - just how do we get them looking like that please?!!

Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment.


Elaine said...

Those splash & battered tatties look yum, I bet you did too *wink*

Love and blessing

ps. I can't remember a mention of the tablecloth before, anything else you'd like to share????

Lace Threads said...

Elaine! I am speechless. Haha! As for what else, just you wait. You ain't seen nuffink yet!
Angel - I practically live at your blog! It's my second home now. But I haven't seen tatties there! No sir. Seen garlic flavoured cough sweets.
Thanks for dropping by Vintage to Victorian. I love your blog. The tatties are easy peasy - just bash 'em!

angel said...

I aint gunna waste a whole post with Tattie's am i [tbh i have not down loaded em yet] will do it tomorrow or Monday as i have a Christening tomorrow in Newmarket.
Mine may not look as pretty but bet they tasted far super-erior.

Trish said...

those tatties look gorgeous, I may have to check this bloggie out hun :) tablecloth is yummy too and I am jealous of all those jars of jam and chutney hun, I managed only 6 jars of jam xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello sweet Caroline,

I have been wanting to send you and Email... But, I have been a bit busy lately!
I started cross-stitching again, and it seems that I can`t stop!
Its very addictive, and it does help me not to feel so lost, when my 3 precious Treasures are at school!
I`m glad that you like your blog make-over...
If there`s anything that you would like us to do... please do let us know!
By the way... if you do want music to be added to your blog... do send us a list of the songs that you want, and Alan, can ad them...
I will speak to you soon!
We just arrived from the car boot and we are all starviiiiiiiiiinnnng!
Bacon & egg butties here we came!

Before I go... Thanks so much for your lovely comment, My Sweet Friend!

Kisses & Hugs

The "MOSSES" Family!

MelMel said...

Just passed all the mouth is watering now!

Cheers for the lovely comment...feet are up and i'm working my way greedily thru a bar of choccie while watching Antiques glad its back!!!


MaryPoppins said...

I have Tagged you X

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello sweetie,
Sorry, its me again!!!
Thanks so much for the lovely comments that you left on my blog and the email messages also!
Me and Alan, had great pleasure to do your blog make-over... as you are such a lovely lady to talk too!
If you ever have any problem regarding your blog, just let us know... and Alan will do what else he can to help!
I will speak to you soon!

P.S- By the way... I know what else you got from "Happy"!
You got the B--e B-r- C--e.
I ask her if I could buy it... and she said that you bought it!
It seems that we both have the same GOOD DECORATING TASTES!
I hope that you and your loved ones,will have a lovely week!

Kisses & Hugs
Debbie & Alan Moss

MelMel said...

Think i'll do a swap....correct spelling this's because i'm blonde...bless me!

Nice dinner...we had spaghetti and meatballs in herby tomatoe and onion sauce.....was nice!

I was ssoooooo bad on Sunday....a whole 100g bar of choccie!
I sort of ate a bit at a time and then i realised i'd eaten the whole bar.......whoops!
Oh well the children gave me the run around today so i'm sure it got used up!

angel said...

Yeah Lastic, Me and Debbie know what else you did got from "THE" stall, uhha .......... so we need proof that it got to your house safely.

Love you Honey, and thank you for your very sweet comment. Mwah X x X

Lace Threads said...

You are all so lovely. Thank you for stopping by. I'll post pics of more of my goodies soon - it's rather healthy to keep you guessing, methinks! lol. xxxx