Friday, 12 September 2008

Heirlooms - Just look what I found!

Well, I popped into a charity shop just before school pick up today, and stumbled upon the most amazing piece of patchwork. Take a look:

and a little closer:

What is it, I hear you ask! Well it's a single bedspread, and absolutely beautifully worked by hand, with tiny pieces patched perfectly together. There's even little horses and riders on several of the fabric shapes, perfectly centred. I hesitated in buying it only because I was thinking, well, what would I do with it?

I was a little confused because of this...

Yep, there were two. And I felt so upset. And that's when I bought both. So why was I upset?

When I find something rather special like this, I begin to wonder about its history. I figured that somebody's nan has spent weeks cutting and stitching these for her grandchildren. What other history could there be in finding a pink one and a blue one? How sad that they've ended up in a charity shop - it suggests it was very much an unwanted gift. Or perhaps there's another reason. But they certainly weren't made for the charity shop to sell them for £5 a piece.

I have to confess in my initial thoughts, I'd pondered cutting them up to make bags! Well, no way. I brought them home and examined them, and the craftship is incredible. Even more importantly, my children have laid claim to them. They all love them. I'd thought to take off the skirts, and still may, to make them into more useful throws, but at the moment the children want them left as they are. So they will become heirlooms for us. It's just sad that we weren't the intended recipients. I feel sad the person who made them won't know they've ended up in a home they are truly appreciated.

I threw the pink one over a table, and it's also a fabulous tablecloth. Anybody seen the picture in the Kaffe Fossett book where he provides instructions for making a frothy tablecloth. Well, I have my own one now, and it's made me think perhaps I won't cut the skirt off!

I then picked up two more rather special craft pieces: embroidery this time.

Both for £1. Again, beautifully handworked. It would be a boring world if we all loved the same things, but crafting like this is something else and I can't believe my luck.

As to the beautiful flowers. Well, funny thing that. Yesterday I posted about how I still loved my wonderful hubby after all these years. Now, hubby doesn't read my blog - he doesn't like the amount of time I spend online particularly. And I'm not sure he would have appreciated my being so publicly soppy about him! (I doubt he's in a minority there.) But out of the blue, these arrived yesterday!

For no particular reason at all. He just wanted to remind me he loves me. He does that sort of thing from time to time, and boy is it appreciated. I am definitely one of those girlies that loves romance and flowers and the whole soppy thing. He even remembered to ask them to include some of my favourites. And have you spotted the little butterfly the florist has popped into the arrangement? How cute is that!
I love my husband so much. Thank you, darling man. For ever x


claire said...

Wow I love the patchwork - lucky you :) I'm sure the maker of those lovlies would be chuffed to bits that someone else is going to be loving it :)
Great flowers too xx

white o'morn cottage said...

Amazing! Lucky you...They are fabulous and how wonderful that your children appreciate them. Great taste your kids have... I wonder where they got it from?...Pam

MelMel said...

I'm feeling all emotional.....just watched ghost....with my hubs...we were both crying!
Oh when he goes at the end......and she says "ditto"...sob and weep!
Made me think how very lucky i am to have Olly......then i saw your update.....arn't we both very lucky to have fantastic husbands!!!

Such lovely flowers!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree - the maker of the patchwork would be so pleased to know that such a lovely person as you bought the two bed covers - especially as your children love them so much too.

Beautiful flowers.

Country Bliss said...

I love the patchwork and the embroidered cloths, what great finds! So sweet of your husband to buy the flowers.

Lace hearts said...

Thank you - I do feel very lucky indeed to now own the patchwork pieces.

The Vintage Kitten said...

How lovely of your husband to buy you flowers, just because....

Debbies-English-Treasures said...



angel said...

My OH bought me flowers once, Plain and self Raising....... lol.

The Patchworks are lovely Lastic, i have made a few in my time and know they can take months [or years in my case] to make, i would hate to see one that i had made going in the CS.:-0
[though some would say its the best place for them, either that or the dump, lol]

I hope you keep them forever. Hugs

second wind said...

Whoever made those quilts would be so happy that a person who loves and appreciates such workmanship will cherish them. That your children love them too is fantastic for they will remain heirlooms now. So glad they have stayed together too.

Beautiful bouquet too xx

Trish said...

great finds there sweetie :) love the embroideries best, your hubs is fab xxx

Viki Vintage said...

What a great find - lucky you.
Double lucky for such a great hubby.

Elizabethd said...

What gorgeous quilt tops, but as you say, how sad they were in a charity shop.

Josie said...

the patchwork throws are great and that both of them were there for you to find, like it was meant to be....the cloths are lovely too. You are so lucky that your children appreciate them as well.
Josie x

sharie said...

Isn't it sad when all that hard works get thrown into the charity bag. I often 'rescue' things too that are unwanted.
Lovely patchworks and glad you took them both home with you.

I'd be over the moon with the flowers. In our house I only seem to get flowers bought me when someone dies...
Better keep buying my own as it is the only way I can get what I want.