Friday, 19 September 2008

Heart cushion

Well, I'm going to try my first bit of applique and patchwork. As I've never done this before - well, save for an awful attempt which I won't even go into - does anyone fancy joining me, so we can do it together? I thought it would be fun to make it together. And yes, I really haven't got time for this either. lol.

I've chosen a cute heart applique cushion from a book I've just found in the library called Cornucopia of Cushions by Susie Johns. Look - it's a good pattern, and looks straightforward, but it would be great if someone could join in, and we could do it bit by bit. Anyone up for it?

So, first off, you have to cut a heart template measuring 7 cm at its widest, and about 6 cm from the point to the dip in the middle at the top. Does that make sense? Then you have to cut 12 hearts...

Six in a patterned fabric and six in a plain fabric. I've not got enough plain fabric, so I've come to a halt. Anyone gonna catch up and join me? Let me know, post some piccies on your blog, and I'll tell you the next bit...

go on, please someone.

And BM, I am still attending to the 90 things out of one pillowcase challenge!

Now, I also haven't shown you all I got at Fred and Happy's sale. Lookee! More!

I showed you the wonderful tablecloth a while back. But look at the screen and the candle holder and the enamel pink jug and the knitting needles.

Um, and the table. I'll have to get a better shot of that!

Good, huh!


angel said...

Wow, i am in love with all the bits you gotted from "Fred and Happy" and i wanna see the table..... Please......... pretty please.
I forgot the 900 things we need to make out of the pillowcase? Oops dont tell BM though.
Not sure about the applique fingy as the old hands and all that.....
This much

claire said...

I once tried to do an applique heart wall hanging.....
so I'll pass for now lol!!! X
When you get a spare 5 mins or so , hows about a fabric bucket tutorial Xx No pressure!!!
Love your treasures from fred and happy you lucky thing Xx

TattingChic said...

Oh, I heart your heart cushion! It's very sweet! You made off with a haul at "Fred and Happy's"! Look at that stash!

Anonymous said...

That looks a great project, Lace! Will be watching with interest. Will you applique by hand or machine?


Elaine said...

I'll have a go when I can find my fabric (boohoo to decorating)

And I heard that Angel, come on girl, get a grip. I'll even let you off with 872 rather than 900 LOL

Love and blessings

Lavender hearts said...

Wow, I love the things you got at the sale, particularly the candle holder!

Lace hearts said...

Hi all. Thanks for stopping by. They are good bits aren't they, and sprinkled with the Happy magic!
Um, Angel, I think BM knows! lol. And your feet aren't an excuse not to sew a cushion...
Claire - I do mean to do it, promise. It's just time keeps slipping through my fingers!
Thank you Tatting Chic and Lavender Hearts for visiting.
Um, Dancing, having never done applique before, I guess, by hand.
Elaine, bless you. You really are the bestest. x

white o' morn cottage said...

I'll have a go! I also need more fabric but I'll get started with what I have....PAM

Lace hearts said...

Hi Pam - fantastic. Oooo, I'm all excited now. Can't wait... I'll update tomorrow night if I get a chance.

MaryPoppins said...

Good on you Lacey cant wait to see your lovely cushion, and some beautiful treasures there, i love the table X

Lavender hearts said...

How's the landing/hallway coming along? Can't wait to see pics! :-)

Jennie said...

Your cushion is going to look lovely. I'd have a go but I am short on fabric so I shall just watch yours with interest!
Love what you got from Fred and Happy... so so lovely!

TattingChic said...

There is an award for you on my blog, my friend.

MelMel said...

Just to let you know o will post your win in the post tomorrow!
Thank you for your email...did you get mine?
I will never show anyone your assured!
Glad you won!!! hope you enjoy it...i meant to add we are a non-smoker' everything will be in apple pie loveliness!!


Elizabethd said...

Do you need a tutorial!!? Applique is not the easiest thing to start with, but the heart design is very sweet. Defintely do it by hand as the curves can be difficult on machine.

Josie said...

pillowcase challenge? sounds interesting. Can't wait to see the heart cushion finished. I've made heart items for giveaways on my blog and I managed to stitch them on the machine, only because I don't have the patience to hand stitch!
Josie x

Lace hearts said...

Thank you all. Elizabethd, that's a lovely offer! Any help appreciated!
Tattingchic, thank you! I have visited and left you a comment, and I am really touched.
Thank you Melmel, Jennie, and Josie.
The pillowcase challenge is to see how many items we can stitch out of a pillowcase. Tricky, huh!

Lace hearts said...

ps. Lavender hearts - hall and landing slow, as we need to get an electrician in to sort out the light sockets. But getting there. Thank you.