Sunday, 21 September 2008

Awards, cushion progress, seaside. Phew!

Well, I'm the very lucky recipient of two awards, and I'm very grateful for them. Huge thank you to Tatting Chic for my SuperCommenter Award. I have never tatted, but want to one day, and I discovered Tatting Chic's blog some time ago and was hooked. Her enthusiasm and passion shines through each post, and I love her lacey creations - I love anything with lace, but tatted lace is something I'm very intrigued by.

And another huge thank you to White O'Morn Cottage for my Gift of the Gab award. I don't really know what to say. I'm speechless. Haha. I love the fact that some of you visit again and again, and I feel I've got to know people through blogging in a way I never thought possible. I really do appreciate my blog friends, and I love these awards. Now, I need to pass this on to my lovely friend Angel, as I think that is the perfect choice. If anyone's got it, she's got it!

Well, we've had a fabulous day at the ...


We desperately wanted to go, as blue skies and boiling hot weather are so rare at the moment, and we wanted to grab whatever we could for a day out with the children. It was fabulous. They got the idea for sandball fights, and got absolutely spattered, head to toe - you should have seen the bathwater tonight! I was intrigued by their arsenel - I've not seen sandballs before!

Aren't they grand!
They also had fun attacking a sand mountain...

And, an added excitement were the Red Arrows, flying about 100 ft above our heads.

I checked the website, and sure enough, they were appearing at the Isle of Wight, not far from where we were. What a nice coincidence. So, we all feel energised by the day.

Now White O'morn cottage has happily agreed to make a heart applique cushion with me. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post about this. I'm glad someone's doing it with me, though. I've now cut the squares - they should each be 4 inches square. And you need to cut 12, 6 in plain fabric and 6 in patterned. Mine now looks like this:

And I've had fun playing around with the positioning. Once I'm happy, I'm going to machine stitch the squares in position. Apparently you have to hem the hearts. How on earth do you do that - they are small, curved and fiddly! So yes, please, Elizabeth D... a little bit of advice!

I think I'd better finish there before I bore you all. Do let me know if anybody else is going to try this. I'm off to check out White O'Morn and see how she's done!


MelMel said...

Hurrah!!! i found her! the lady from white o morn!
I've not actually read any emails as the downstairs pooter is not linked.....i got Olly to leave you the he was hogging the upstairs pooter at the time!
I'm still burning the candle...the scent is wonderful...i di like then...bit over priced but i found this in Thorntons in Knutsford on a special price offer....have agood week!xxxxx

NIcole said...

To hem the hearts, take a piece of paper shaped like a heart, slightly smaller than the ones you've cut out. Center it on the wrong side of the fabric and iron around it (You may also need to snip the top bit of the heart where it goes to the 'V' shape in order for you to be able to turn over the fabric around the paper heart. This way you have a hemline to sew around. I generally rough sew mine, then machine stitch it to the fabric square, then remover the rough stitches.

Goodness I hope this makes some sense!! you can also Look up 'applique for beginners' and it should help!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Lace! 2 awards, the seaside AND a heart cushion....

What a day eh?

love the blog.

Lace hearts said...

Melmel, hurray! I didn't realize you meant White O'morn!
Thanks so much, Nicole. That makes perfect sense. I'll give it a go.
I am lucky, aren't I Dancing. Thank you for dropping in. x

white o'morn cottage said...

Hi, Caroline, I don't have the patience to hem the hearts so I satin stitched them on the machine. If you set the stitch size to just above zero and the zigzag to 4. Have a go on a spare one. I'll put up photos now. Yours looks lovely! You can pass on the award to whoever you like!

Lace hearts said...

Pam: I'm scared to look! lol. I'll bet you've finished the thing! Laughing my head off here!!!

Lavender hearts said...

Hemming hearts, good god that sounds like an absolute 'mare to me! I must admit this is the stage where I would give up the ghost! :-)

I think I'm going to have to put lining paper on my landing, luckily I'm only doing one tiny patch of wall so will probably only take about an hour to do but it's finding that spare hour this week! I doubt I'll be getting in until late - I have jogging after work 2 nights this week and solid 9-5 courses all week. I'm going to be exhausted. :-(

TattingChic said...

LOL! You're speechless! That's cute. Congrats on your awards! You deserve 'em! said...

I might have a go. This statement is more I would like to do that dont know if I will have time!! The Janet Bolton course I have just been on did not involve oversewing everything - so if you dont want to you dont have to! Anyway, the plane photo looked fabulous. I desperately wanted to go to the beach but instead had to queue in Legoland for hours on end. Lucky you!!! Love Emma xxxxx

second wind said...

Not sure I've got enough fabric to do this but I shall certainly watch with interest. You can fine tune the method and iron out the difficult bits (like hemming of the hearts - that looks very fiddly) Lace, ready for me to have a go.Lovely project.
Those Red Arrows live near us and we get treated almost aily to their display. They seem to use our house as a marker and fly scaringly close over it!
Your Beach day looked such fun too. xx

Elizabethd said...

You can machine hem, but if you make a mistake it takes forever to unpick and put it right.
I'm e mailing you re handsewing.

Country Bliss said...

Loving the heart cushion I would've joined you in making one but i have a few swaps to get out this week. I'll be watching though and give it a go after you've done yours! I am also trying applique on something for the first time!

angel said...

YOOHOOOOOO, S'me............
Lovely blog AGAIN........ the icklies look like they had fun with their Mum .....I would have battered ya with them sand fingys, lol.
I dunno how i would love to help with the pliquiqetety fing, but tbh i cant be bovvered....... lol.


sharie said...

Your heart project looks lovely. Good luck with it.

Just read your post regarding what paper to put up and I was in the same dilemma. Now I've changed ocmpletely and gone for ivory painted walls and then I have a good excuse to buy lots of different curtains and cushions and change stuff round as I feel like it.

Mind you I do like the rose on white CK paper but now I've seen the LA bird one I think I'd go for that.

Lace hearts said...

You are all so lovely with your comments. Thank you. I am patiently hemming hearts! lol. I'll update soon.
As to the choice of wallpaper - you're not helping, Sharie!

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, I'm absolutely exhausted tonight! I have lost 3/4 of stone in the last few days with all this running so it must be doing me good, and I haven't given up the cake! :-)

I think it's the second floor. There wasn't that much there, some multi-coloured dot bedding (all single), the pink polka dot one and the roses and dot one. they had some stunning monsoon bedding in the sale too!

claire said...

happy hemming lacey - x - its looking good :)
Love your beach pics - it looks like a fab day - my boys have never made sand balls so will not them look and get the idea lol!!!
night night xx