Saturday, 30 August 2008

Quilting and patchwork and Veronique Requena

I have always loved quilts and patchwork, but because of my limited skills never felt able to try it, aside from a patchwork cushion I made as a child and which I've always kept. I look longingly at the Kaffe Fassett books, and even took one on holiday recently to drool over. But still feel in awe. But this seems to be changing with my new found confidence with sewing. And also this magazine...

which I literally stumbled across in Smiths a couple of months back. I've never seen it before, as I never look at patchwork magazines, feeling they are beyond me. A recent blog post, which I left a comment on, but forgive me I've forgotten who it was (please do remind me if it was you), reminded me I had this by my bed. It must be their best edition yet (it's number 44, should anybody want to try and track it down). It's so good, I too wanted to blog about it, to spread the word about why it's so good. It seems to have been blogged about endlessly, particularly in France, but some of you may not have heard of her/seen it.

The reason it is surely their best, is because the issue is dedicated to a rather amazing Franco-Canadian quilter, Veronique Requena. She is so inspirational, her warmth and enthusiasm drips off the page. I just wish I could visit her shop, in France (though she mentions that she has always wanted to live in England, so I hope and pray she does move!). But I may just have to visit her shop. It sounds more welcoming than the occasional quilt shop I've found in the UK, which have always intimidated me.

Here she is, in her amazing shop...

stuffed with American quilting fabrics...

And the projects in the magazine are simply drop dead gorgeous.

This is the one I feel able to attempt...

So, I am inspired to try. You can find out a little bit more at her website, Born to quilt. Enjoy!

Also, a teaser. I am making another bag, but a bit more challenging...a small clutch.
This is the lining. I think you will be surprised by the outer fabric. But if you have a careful eye, you can just make it out!

Will post a pic once I finish it.

I'd also like to add a huge thank you for all your encouraging comments on my last post. They mean an awful lot.


MelMel said...

I would love to havae a go at at making a full patchwork you i've only ever made small cushions....Going slightly of the subjet...i'm going to try to make a ragrug this winter, when i was away i bought some hessian....and i'm going to use my fabric scraps up in this way......the book lloks lovely....good luck with it!xxx

claire said...

So its ikea floral for the lining ....but nope... my eyes aren't clever enuff :)
I think I'm years away from patchwork lol!! I love it and I intend to try once all my children have left home :)

angel said...

Oh i cant wait now Plastic ...... are you finished yet ......... what about now .......... now ....

Quilting is easy as long as you keep it simple, i have half made a denim one but i have put it in the loft and now cant find it! [mind you that is hard work using Denim].

I will make another one soon as we usually raffle one at Christmas for WIN/WINK/KIN, BM is making me one, YIPPEE, i cant wait to see it, she has given me a wee glimps but nothing more.

The next one i do i am gunna make it out of my DS shirts co's he has hundreds and they are all great colours........... *Smile*

Anyhow, i love all your doing and cant wait to see your finished bits.

Love and Blessings Honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X

Anonymous said...

I wonder how you the summer holiday skirt project (for your daughter?) went?

I may have missed it!

Great to see you back.

Elaine said...

Is the bag that fab teatowel fabric?
Looking good Lacey.

Love and blessings

Sarah Jane King said...

Hi-Just found your blog, which is lovely. We have just started an online patchwork and quilting community. Please pay us a visit at
Best wishes
Sarah Jane

Lavender hearts said...

Thanks, I'm really pleased with it I just wish I had the money to get rid of the hideous carpet, and sanding the floor is almost not worth the effort and the mess! I think I'll have to be patient! Honestly, chickens are the easiest pet to look after - easier than hamsters, are great pets for children because it teaches them about where produce comes from and they are such lovely little beasts! Go for it! :-)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Just a quick note to let you know, who I think posted about the magazine.
I think it was Simone from Lindren Grove!
She was hosting a give-away where the LUCKY WINNER would win the same exact magazine!
And by the way... If you were wondering... I was the lucky winner!
Yuppie! That must to be the Most Beautiful Magazine EVER!
Debbie Moss

Lace Threads said...

Thanks all. You're right, Debbie, it is the Linden Grove blog, and I had left a comment, but couldn't track back to trace it! Thank you for reminding me. x

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Love your blog. Beautiful pictures

Fiesta said...

This book looks wonderful and the projects you show are my style. Can you give me the source for purchasing this book please?