Thursday, 28 August 2008

Handmade bag obsession, a decision, and BM

Hello all and welcome!

Before I start, somebody wanted to pop their head up and say hello... do you remember this little gal?

As to my last post, yep, you guessed so right - I was making a fabric bucket. I forgot to take a picture, but will post it when I do. You know me so well!
I've been making more bags -it's become a bit of an obsession. My handles from Robson and Mason arrived, and so I tried the Sew Pretty Homestyle one last night...

I got a bit frustrated with the pattern. There are never enough pictures in books to explain the steps to complete novices, but I'm pleased with the outcome. It's using the lovely Robson and Mason handles. And it's from a pillowcase I got from Ikea. The set came with a duvet and four pillowcases... all that lovely material for about £18, I think. So I'm planning to cut it all up for various things. I think it works really well for this sort of bag.

On Tuesday, just after getting back, I made this one...

That was using a T-towel I found in T K Maxx. I love this thing with fabric craft, that you can use anything that takes your fancy.

I am enjoying this so much, though I feel a bit of a fraud as I have no specific textile/sewing training, aside from a mother who was an excellent seamstress. But in those days, I wasn't interested in sewing. I bought a little bit more fabric yesterday - I'm trying to find out what batting is. All the books refer to batting, and I haven't a clue. So I asked in fabric world, who have usefully opened a shop not too far from me. They are on the web, but their shop is amazing, and they have several all across southern England. But the two girls in there didn't have a clue either, which I thought was hilarious. But they were very young, and they reminded me that I'm of advanced years and don't know. I love my blog, because I don't feel embarrassed to admit I don't know.
Anyway, ramblings on batting aside, I've made a big decision, which I'll own up to here as it'll help to fix it as fact in my mind. I want to have a little stall for Christmas, at a fair, to sell my bags and buckets and whatever else I can make before then. How outrageous is that! I'm a complete beginner at this, but I love it so much and it means I have an excuse for indulging myself in fabric and sewing every spare minute I get. I'd like to say a big thank you for all the encouraging remarks from you all, because they have helped me go from a totally negative feeling, to believing I can do it. Nothing's impossible! So I'll update regularly on progress.

I don't think I've shown you my belt holder yet. I decoupaged a plain black life-size half mannequin a while back, and it occupies a pretty corner in our bedroom. I thought it was about time I popped it in, and hopefully it will encourage me to finally finish the other mannequin I posted about some time back.

As to the little gal who popped in to say hello, here she is in all her finery. This is of course one of Bloomin' Myrtle's - probably the best she's ever made (but I would say that!). We were discussing soft toys on the shabby chic forum, and BM's are a world apart and incredible prices. She puts so much care into them. If you are lucky enough to have snapped one up from her website, shared with her daughter who produces lovely jewellery, you have got a real heirloom to pass down the family. If you haven't got one yet, good luck, they go fast!

Have a fabulous day all and thank you for reading my post. Blessings. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

I love the comic strip bag! Brilliant.

You've been very industrious since you got back ....

I've been busy but have been painting DD's attic room with Farrow and Ball!!!!

Good to have you back.

MelMel said...

Cheers for popping in....i'm waiting for my little minded child to arrive...they are running i popped on here and saw another comment!! woohoo!!

I'm also a novice sewer......i broke my sewing machine a few weeks back(car boot find...£4!!) my dad will mend it...but while i'm waiting i find i'm ok sewing by hand.....i was a bit naughty and treated myself to the Cath kid threads came this it from John Lewis online as the p&p is free! Loads of threads inside...good value!
I'll post a picture when i upload some more.....well when my hubbie does..thats one thing i cannot do!! i have only just discovered on to add pictures!!:>) bless me!!

Please pop in again...i'm going to add you to my fave blog list!!

angel said...

Oh WOW, the comic bag is wonderful, well done honey.

Ickle puddy is so sweet and your right they are family hairloons, had not thought of that before! i have given mine to friends so i will have to get another quickly.

I think a stall at Christmas will be a great idea. [all excited now, wanna come and buy everything] let us know when and where its gunna be.

Your manaquine is also a wonderful piece of artistry. woohoooooooo.

Loveya Honey. mwah X x X x X

Anonymous said...

Batting is the stuff used as the filler in the middle of a quilt to add warmth and thickness.

It comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be made from wool, cotton and polyester to name a few. I use cotton batting, it feels and has the appearance of medium weight felt.

Lace Threads said...

Thanks so much all - what more encouragement do I need! I'm now making a toile bag from a gorgeous muslin type fabric I found in France - will post a pic soon.
Thanks so much for the explanation of batting. I now know what to feel for! I need to find a person in a haberdashery who knows their stock, I guess. I do feel silly at my age not knowing what batting is!

Country Bliss said...

Great idea to have a stall at a Christmas fair everything you make is gorgeous so you should'nt have a problem selling them!
I always use wadding for batting, I assumed it was the same if not very similar.

sharie said...

Lovely bags you have made. You are so talanted!

Elizabethd said...

Batting is what we English call 'wadding'!

Elaine said...

Thanks for the plug (((Lacey)))

Batting is anything used as layer between fabric, it can be wadding, sheeting, anything really.
I mostly use a cotton batting from Dunelms, I think they call it upholstry lining. It's not too thick but has a lovely snuggly feel. I think you puddy is lined with it.

Keeping up the sewing, your doing so well.

Love and blessings

claire said...

lovely post lacey :)
You go girl with the crimble stall - you will have no prob selling your bags they are fab..and think of all that sewing time that will start next week!!!