Friday, 1 August 2008

An even simpler tote - it really is easy to make a bag!

For those of you like me who may still disbelieve you can make a bag, as I did for years, this is the simpler one. I made this with my 10 year old. In fact, she made most of it and insisted on using it for the last two weeks of school. We didn't use a pattern for this. I just drew the size I wanted onto old lining paper and cut it. So a large rectangle, and a small rectangle for an internal pocket. I'm happy to post the measurements if you want, but have faith that you can do this as well. We cut two outer pieces, and two lining pieces. Remember to first pin and stitch the pocket to one of the lining pieces, folding under a small seam (having folded a double top hem in place to make a neat edging for the top of the pocket).

Then, with right sides together, pin around three sides of the lining and outer bag, making sure the open part of the pocket is at the open end of the bag...

Sew around the three sides with the machine...or you could of course do it the old-fashioned way.
We cut two long thin bits for the handles and pinned them together as below. (See my first more full tutorial for a bag if you need more direction, but I just want to show how simple they are.)

Then sew both up.
Sew the pocket in place... then slip the inside lining (turned right side out, so right side to right side) inside the outer bag.

Place the handles in position. I've pulled the lining out in the following picture to show this clearly.

but they should just be peeking out of the top as so:

Ensure they are pinned at the same distance from the sides, and also that the side seams are matched up before you sew all around the top as with my first bag tutorial, leaving a 5 inch gap to pull the whole bag through. Actually, it was a 4 inch gap as my littleun's hands are smaller than mine!

Then pin the open bit closed, with the cut ends inside the bag (obviously!), and sew around the top of the bag a 1/4 inch from the edge on the machine. And there you go!

By the way, if anyone recognises the fabric, please let me know. I know it's a good one, but I picked it up for 20 pence at a car boot, and don't know what it is. But it is so lovely to work with.


angel said...

Thanks lactic for another great post, your so talented.:-)
Another way of making bags is to .... [no i wont say as this is your blog and not mine so Lastic back to you]..... ;-)

girlonarock said...

great! another fabric and tote bag lover! i'm going away tomorrow and need a small bag that i can wear over my shoulder (as in over my left shoulder but hangs down on my right hip) so i'd better get hunting in my fabric box! love the blog x

Trish said...

I may have to give this easy one a go hunny :) thank for sharing xxx

April said...

Congratualtions! You've won my giveaway!!

April xx

Josie said...

Hi, I've just started making bags, you can see some pics on my blog