Thursday, 31 July 2008

Unexpected gifts

Well, I don't know why, but I cannot access my favourite forum tonight, the Shabby Chic one, and I was halfway through a thread. I just get an access forbidden sign, so I've been turfed out! lol.
So I'll update on here instead.

Life is such a gift, isn't it. I've thought on that this week, with the children at home from school. I value every precious minute with them, and we're packing in a lot. Today we had such a lovely day in Nonsuch Park, with six children and one little dog, and a mum friend for me. And it cost an icecream each! Aren't the cheapest days often the best!

But it started with an amazing gift from Cooltrikerchick on the wonderful shabby chic forum, who had sent me a box. I'd bought some fabric from her ebay shop (she sells terrific vintage stuff, and is worth checking out frequently - hopefully this link to her ebay listings will work, and here's a link to her fabulous blog). The box was rather larger than the fabric would be, and I opened it to find this intriguing message.


It's the most unusual sewing box I think I've ever seen.

I can't wait to do something with it. And inside there was the fabric I'd bought (the rose print in the front), as well as two other stunning fabrics CTC had thrown in.

I don't know what I have done to deserve such a gift. And following so quickly on the heels of Angel's two unexpected gorgeous bags, and my children around me, I feel blessed, I really do. Thank you so much. You've both made me cry this week!

Now, I also have an update to the post below, because ElizabethD has sent me pictures of how she used my tute for the bag so beautifully. Take a peek. They are better than mine! But I am only a beginner!


angel said...

Ooooh, you Jammie Jammie Jammie Jammie Jammie Jammie Jammie woman.

I have never seen so much Jam.

Its lurvly WOW, CTC must really Love you [and dislike me] she could have sent ME the sewing boxie thingy. I am gunna have words with that lady.

Hope you have the bestest day today, Mwah mwah mwah mwah.

Elaine said...

How absolutely gorgeous (says me while going a lovely shade of green)

You really are blessed and you deserve it (especially as you've posted a cabinet to me...........haven't you?)

Love and blessings

Trish said...

ooohhhhh hun, what a lovely supprise :) xxx

Lace Threads said...

Ha ha - cabinet in the post, elaine! Cough cough. xxxx

Debbie said...

ooh its absolutely gorgeous you lucky woman!! :D