Friday, 25 July 2008

Twirly skirt and paint adventures

I love it when the children break up for summer. Six weeks of fun ahead. It's not really quite long enough, but we certainly pack a lot in. We began today, with ant houses (the children's suggestion, not mine!). So far we have Terry and Lucinda, and Joe and Rosie. At least, I think it was called Terry. He was our first, and was quite a plump ant, so we should be able to spot him. I wanted to pop a spot of paint on his back, but he wasn't having it!
We're also half-way through painting a castle...

And most frightening of all, I suggested to my 10 year old she makes a skirt. I was thinking tube skirt, with elastic waist. Easy. But I made the mistake of showing her what it would look like online, and she wants to make this one, from House on the Hill, which is a fabulous blog. Oh dear. This is from somebody who honestly only recently began to sew (me). But we've agreed to give it a go, as the tutorial looks simple. We've had fun choosing fabric (she has lots from a lovely freecycler) and she's choosing blue floral sprig fabric with a blue gingham contrast hem and waistband. Great. That means I have to find a way of lining the skirt, as the fabric is a gorgeous cotton, but thin. But we'll have to muddle through together, as I'm determined she has fun and isn't put off for 40 years like me!

We've so far cut a pattern out of newspaper...

I'll update with progress.
We're all excited because we're planning to see Wall-e late this afternoon. And it's a lovely hot day. So a happy Lace household!


Anonymous said...

Just wrote a long comment and promptly lost it!

As I was saying - lucky you to be having such fun in the summer holidays with your children. Mine are grown up now but I used to LOVE school holidays - no clockwatching and you could do what you like when you wanted.

Castle and skirt look as though they are going to be brill. Do post photos of the finished products.

Lace Threads said...

Awww - thank you! We do have fun, and I'm conscious it's a very short span of time in our lives, so I do make the most of it.
I'll post pics of the results! But I'm not expecting miracles.

Anonymous said...

Miracles not required!

As for the category posts on my blog - I recently changed from Blogger to Wordpress which adds the categories automatically (after I have added Category widget to my sidebar). It shows the most visited posts in larger fonts.

angel said...

Oh, Lactic what a great idea helping your littlie make a skirt, you are a lovely Mummy and a wonderful friend.

Ps where did you knick the Ants from because they are out searching for the Cast from Antz, apparently they were last seen being carried away by a strange woman in a CK bagie thingy ...... I will keep your secret for you ....... Now then, how many nines in 999, lol.

Love and hugs and sloppy Kisses ...
ME...... [thats angel,in case you were wondering]. :-)

Trish said...

hunny, I am sure you will have a fab time and the skirt will be brilliant xxx

Country Bliss said...

Looks like your having great fun!
Castles looking good and what a great idea to make a skirt together, I bet she loves it.