Friday, 4 July 2008

Making bags - Make a bag or tote: It's so easy!

I thought for years I couldn't sew, or make bags. I date this back to when I made a skirt in sewing lesson when I was 11 and was asked to demonstrate it and it fell round my ankles. It didn't help that everything I sewed looked rubbish against my mum's brilliant sewing. But I've forced myself to try and I thought I'd post the results.

My first bag - some of you may have seen this before - was a ordinary lined bag. It was pants to do. Easy peasy. Honest.

I use it everyday at the moment as my handbag.
My next bag I finished about three weeks ago. Again, it was easy. I even made up the pattern myself. I used Cath Kidston fabrics, and patchworked them together, with contrasting strips for the sides, base and top.

I put a pocket inside in the contrast CK fabric, which is really useful:

And last night, in literally one hour, I sewed some lovely Globaltex fabric together, lined it with a pink stripe, and...

A handy little tote, with straps long enough to carry on my shoulder.
Please, if you have never made a bag, just go for it. I cannot believe I held myself back all these years. You get exactly what you want, the size you want, in the fabric you want. I'm hooked. Expect more pictures of bags in posts to come! Friends with impending birthdays, be warned!


Lavender hearts said...

Well done you! I'm still not convinced I could make those bags so a tutorial on how to make them, especially the lined CK one, would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Trish said...

oh wow lacey lou, they are gorgeous, I have never made a bag, am a bit scared to be honest, you should be really proud hunny xxx

Lace Threads said...

Honestly Sian, it is incredibly easy.

If I make another one like the CK one, I will do a tutorial. But I kind of made it up as I went along - and given it's the 2nd one I've ever done, that shows how easy it is! I really didn't think I could sew.

Thanks Trish. I am really proud of myself! And I was scared until I did the first one! lol.

Sandie said...

Gorgeous bags .... well done ... I love them.

Elaine said...

Lovely bags Lacey, and you say you can't sew ??????????

Love and blessings

TattingChic said...

Your bags look awesome. I feel that way about easy! Maybe I will try a bag sometime.

Lace Threads said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by and making a comment. I know it sounds daft to be saying I can't sew - but I honestly didn't think I could for 20 odd years. The mind plays funny tricks, and boy can't it inhibit us!

angel said...

Hello Lastic, They are luuurvly Bags really, really have so many hidden talents, Saino's were only saying to me the other day, "we wonder where we could get some really nice posh lookielikey bags from? we could really take over from tesco's"
I think they may have found there sorce ;-)

Well done lastic. *clapping*

sharie said...

wow!!! I am really glad I visited today. Those bags are FABULOUS and please, please please give us a tutorial or show us your pattern so we can all nab it and have a go ourselves.

BTW I love what you did to the chairs with the colour and recovering.

Katherines Dream said...

Lovely bags. I have been meaning to have ago myself as I have some lovely Cabbages & Roses material which would make a lovely little summer bag.
Thank you stopping by - you have a great blog. I have just a read of your last post on that wonderful shop....I would be in heaven there too! gorgoues bits and pieces...I may have missed it! but where is the shop?
Carol x

Katherines Dream said...

me again...just re-read and spotted Carnaby St...I was there only a few weeks ago did I miss this shop!

Lace Threads said...

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Sian and Sharie - okay, I will try and do a tutorial. It's so easy, I'd love to show just how easy it is.
Carol: it's a fab shop, and really easy to find. It's in a yard of gorgeous shops, which you enter from Carnaby Street. On the left hand side if you're walking North. I didn't meet the owner, I met the assistant, but she was lovely. Definitely worth a visit. It's going to be a regular haunt of mine! x

claire said...

PMSL at the skirt round ankle lacey!! x
I want to start making bags as presents - your lined ones look dead professional - i may pester you for advice soon :) x