Saturday, 26 July 2008

A huge thank you for home made applique bags

Just look what I got at midday this morning, when the postie arrived. From my lovely friend Angel. I adore anything homemade, and bags especially, and these are incredible. They are lined with lovely contrasting fabric...

and have two pockets inside and button details back and front (have I mentioned I love buttons?!). And the applique is so gorgeous. I've always wanted to try applique, and zig-zag stitch on my machine, but have never ever been brave enough. I am so incredibly fortunate to have met Angel on the forum. Angel, you are fabulous, and you've made blogging lots of fun. Do visit her blog and see what I mean. There's only one Angel like this one!

We've had a lovely first few days of the holiday. I steeled myself to let my 11 year old loose with a friend in town earlier for three hours, and of course it was fine. Lots start before me, but I haven't had the inclination, but she needs to start cutting loose a little. They did their own thing, and I had to laugh... they went to Starbucks for a brownie and hot chocolate, then bought sweets, then just before I collected them went into thornton's and got a shot of melted chocolate. A chocolate theme going on here, I think.

The skirt is coming along, and I'll try and post on progress tomorrow. I've made lots of mistakes, but I'm hoping it'll be wearable. There's also still time to sign up to my fabric bucket giveaway if you're quick - see a couple of posts back for the details.


Trish said...

you lucky girl hun, see anglepoise does lub you more than me!!!! lol
can't wait to see the skirt too xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bags from Angel (but don't tell her I said so - she was very rude about my jokes on the SC Forum!)

Seriously - how fortunate we are to belong to such a great group!

How's the skirt coming along?

angel said...

Well lastic im here, now what!

Only joking fanx for the comments but i'm not that good! and because im modest i will not comment on myself or accknowillidge it.*Blushing*

Treacle how could you say i lub Loco more than you, looney is a mere shadow of the woman what you is.*smile*............... [playng Lastic]

Sandie, i was NOT rood to you! well only a little bit, the fact that your joke was cra... rubbish wasnt your fault it was the person who first told its fault,not yours Honey. Your joke [had it been original] would have been far better and may have won if i had not been in the running [and twinny had not bribed Miss Phish]. lol

Gotta go, i have to re-read my newest post as its so fuuuuunnnny.
{ no telling miss Phish though, or i will get detention, again]. Lol.

sharie said...

Pretty bags! So Angel is a lady of many depths and talents. Well done Angel and well done to you for having such pretty bags to walk around with.

TattingChic said...

Your new bags are cute! What a sweet friend and what a lucky girlie you are!