Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fabulous knitting button crochet accessories shop

I can't rave about the shop I visited today too much. It was absolutely fantastic, and I'm grateful to Angel for leading me to it. I was like a kiddie in a sweet shop. It's in a fantastic new yard of shops just off Carnaby Street in London. They've been there about a year, and have a fast moving selection of stock, with a lovely mix of vintage patterns, little bits of vintage lace, and really reasonably priced. And it is well worth a visit if you are in the area. Well worth a visit. Just feast your eyes on the piccies, which the woman in there kindly let me take. I told her I wanted to rave about the shop to anyone who would listen! It's called All the Fun of the Fair and they do mail order as well. I got some lovely bits and pieces - will try and post pics tomorrow of those, as they are still on the camera. But here are the pics of the shop.

First, the outside - with a Sale notice in the window...I certainly visited in the right week!

There are lots of knitted things, including these cacti:

Buttons. Lovely buttons...(I did indulge!):

A knitted garland, which I fell in love with, and would have bought had it been pink not red flowers. They do it as a kit as well as knitted up:

Crochet flowers... love the colours of these:

Knitted bunting, and tons of ribbons above it...

Lots of cupcakes and flowers, all just displayed so well:

I was in heaven and was late back to work. If you click on the pics, you'll see more details.


Trish said...

bad lace, norty lace!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

You did it to me again.
Green as a cucumber I am.
It's the buttons that did it, I go all gooey at the site of them.
It's a very pretty little shop and I noticed on their website that they can provide a place for a "meet" too.
Pity I don't live nearer.

Love and blessings

heather said...

i am sooooooo glad that shop is nowhere near i would not be responsible for how much i would have spent...

thank you for sharing the pics..

take care..... heather...xxxx

heather said...

lacey... i've got to ask, how do you do your pictures? they look so nice in your blog, i use photobucket, and i dont know how to get them like yours...


angel said...

Oh Lovely, Plastic, I wonder if I will get commission?
Its a lovely shop Thanks for sharing and making us all drool.Tsk Tsk.
Pipkin makes wonderful wool Bunting very desirable, Yummy.

driftwood shack said...

I love those cacti! The flowers are from east of india and they are really cute, I am definitely going to make some more toy food now!