Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Cath Kidston Old Rose towels

Oh boy, am I coveting these. I don't usually get sucked in to coveting anything. But these particular Cath Kidston towels have me hooked. I've been in the shop three times, and managed to persuade myself that they are ridiculously expensive. But they are so yummy, and so soft, and so covetable!
If you find a cheap floral towel alternative that comes close, I would love to hear about it!

And just to remind me of what's most important, and that I don't need silly towels, a picture of my middle one who had a fabulous makeover party last week and came home as a ...



Trish said...

oooohhhhhh I am now coveting the towels too :) they look yummy hun, but am with you on the too expensive bit xxx

the face paint is amazing hun looks grrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!

angel said...

I honey Bunny,
I love the littlie Tiger ..... So sweet........arnt they just adorable :-).

The Towels are delish too, Yummy.

Im doing ok honey thanks for your post. Mwah X x X x X.

Lavender hearts said...

I love those towels too. They sometimes sell really cheap CK stuff in Elys in Wimbledon last year i bought some half price CK towels in there! :-) Another suggestion I have to is to get some nice white towels and then trim them with CK fabric.

sharie said...

Those towels are gorgeous but I bet they are expensive!! Isn't there a sale on?
I'll keep my eye out for similar ones for you.

Face paint is great!