Thursday, 17 July 2008

My lovely award! And I'd like to nominate...

Aren't I lucky! I've been given my first award. Huge thanks to Anglesey Allsorts. I don't know what to say. Angel will tell me my head will explode soon! No, I'm really chuffed that people read my blog, and enjoy it. Now, I have to:

1 . Put this rather sparkly black Logo thingy on my Blog (done - see, doesn't it look pretty!)
2. Put a link/or mention (done)
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (Oh gosh, I have lots of favourites, but my particular favourites would have to be, um, Shabby Angel's, Trixie's Trinkets, Bloomin' Myrtle, Sharie's View to the Hill, Dancing on a Blade of Grass, Dolly Dollop, and Diary of a Tinyholder. Phew!)
4. Put a link to those Blogs on your Blog (all linked, so done)
5. Leave a message on their blog. (okay, okay, I'll do me best. lol)

I also wanted to post a picture of the vintage handkerchiefs that are currently winging their way to me from the States. I am so excited. They are so gorgeous. Mmmmmm. I will update when they arrive on my plans for these beauties.


MaryPoppins said...

Well done on your beautiful award, and sew deserved X

A Different Era said...

I love those hankies, cant wait to see what you do with them. x

Lavender hearts said...

Well done! I LOVE hose hankies - they are gorgeous and thank you, it's nice to know people like to read my random thoughts! :-)

angel said...

Oh NO, we will never hear the last of this Award............ i bet you have even written your exceptance speech aint ya Lastic.. Hummmmm.

As i already know what your going to do with your hankies, i will just say....... they are gunna look fantastique.

Has her head bursted yet?

Mwah X x X Mwah X x X Mwah X x X Mwah

Trish said...

thank you sweetie pops :) I will sort it out later today :D mwah xxx

sharie said...

Thanks Hun for the award! I'm really chuffed to bits.

Enjoy the hankies, seen that they are very collectable in USA.

Sandie said...

Thank you SO much Lace for my Blog Award ... much appreciated.

I was quite taken aback yesterday to get your award AND a comment from the Buddhist Monk - presumably via Ewen Hardie's Barefoot for Burma blog. Hope you don't mind my putting the link here.

As for the vintage hankies, they are so pretty.

Recently I bought 12 cotton hankies (not vintage) in the charity shop for £1.50 (the lot). The voluntary work I do is associated with Real Nappies and so, in that waste minimisation theme, I decided to go back to using Real Hankies to do my environmental little bit!

Thanks again!

claire said...

Thanks Lacey xxxx
Now off to see what I need to do with it :) :)!!!