Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tackling the welsh dresser and chairs with Laura Ashley

Okay, decided to be superhero Debbie today. If you visit the Shabbychic forum, you'll know what I am on about. Debbie is incredible. She has, like, 65 kids, all under 10, and set up the forum with her husband just as they were moving house and while she decorated she did up 16 dressers to slot around the house, 5 butchers blocks, and umpteen cupboards and stuff. I don't know how she does it, but I am inspired by her. A lot.
So, today was my Be Debbie day.

So I started small, with a dresser we picked up on Tuesday. Here it is before.

I started at 9.30 am, which was probably a bit late, but I did have the school run. Well, 9. 35 am probably. After I'd had a coffee and eyed it up.
I took off the drawer handles and the doors and their hinges and handles. Then I rubbed it down, and gave it a primer/undercoat all in one.
It was now 12.30, and I felt I wasn't achieving as much as I should. But boy this being Debbie lark makes you hungry. So I hate 16 burgers and swilled it down with 5 cans of red bull.
Raring to go, I got back to work...
And by 2.30 I had the first coat of Laura Ashley (Water based eggshell) Pale Linen on. I love that paint. It reminds me of Cornwall and cream teas, and clotted cream, and it's yummy. Yummy to look at and yummy to work with.
Um. What next.
Ok, this is what it looks like and I'm not doing more on it today, as I want to leave it overnight for the paint to fully dry before the second coat. I will try and sand down the top of the base unit though, as I want to leave that plain waxed wood.

I then managed to make some lovely biscuits: a lovely recipe - 8oz flora, 8oz demerara sugar, 8oz s.r. flour, 2 teaspoons spices (mixed spice, cinammon). Throw it all together and mix well...

Then - aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was meant to have an egg in it, but no eggs left. We don't yet have chickens. So, dollops on baking sheet and into the oven for 10 minutes and hope for the best...

Ar fel a beet seeck. ar'v 'ad 6 an' they r delishous.
But, superheros need their sugar rush!
So, not one to be daunted I made bread (no pic of that as I've bored you with pics of my bread before).
Made the children's tea.
Hung up the washing.
Then rubbed down 3 chairs...

I hate doing chairs. I have another 3 to do to keep to this being Debbie for the day. They are soooooo fiddley. Any tips appreciated.

So that's me so far. I am shattered, but I have to say, I feel incredibly motivated. Thank you Debbie. I really mean that. Thank you! x


Anonymous said...

Really impressed've done loads today. But can you keep it up tomorrow as well??????

Lavender hearts said...

1 tip I learnt from the painting course...use a water-based emulsion paint, you will get a natural 'shabby' look after a while and it is so much easier to paint. do not overload the brush and smooth strokes. Hope that helps! :-)

Debbie said...

pmsl you do make me laugh but i will accept the compliment and encourage you all i can! It really is fullfilling knowing you have done EVERYTHING in one day and can start a whole new adventure the next day! LOL

Another Era said...

You've done really well Lace, keep up the good work hun.

claire said...

Go lacey xxxx
You deserve the cape today....and tomorrow while I moan about my cupboard a bit more, whilst sitting on my sofa eating slices of cake, I expect everything finished!! he he!!! You've done fab...I don't know how Debbie does it - its only fun for the first 5 hours!!

angel said...

Racy that is the crumble, you done good Honey........tomorrow it should be 2 dressers and 6 chairs, though you are prone to exaggeratinggggggg so dont know whether to believe anything you say, so then are you fibbling just a tad. Hummmmmm

Lace Threads said...

Oh goodness, thank you so much for all your comments. Aren't you all lovely: you guys keep me inspired. Thanks for the tip, Lavender Hearts.
And yes, Vivw, course I can. I'm Debbie now! No stopping me. Watch this space. lol

Vanessa said...

Reading your blog is making me feel a right lazy c*w!

You go super debbie.

Vanessa x

Lavender hearts said...

she said not to because of it reflects the light but then the chalky finish was her taste. she did say you can put liming wax over the top of the paint to get a chalky muted effect. I have loads of tubs of emulsion in the garage and I fully intend on using them ito paint my's a great way to save a bit of cash and clear some space in your shed/garage.

Lace Threads said...

Vanessa, you're funny. super Debbie! lol
Thank you LH. that's really useful.

April said...

My god, you've made me tired just reading it - Superwoman!

April xx

Trish said...

hey wonderwoman!!!!!! how is it going??? they look fab so far, have you finished yet????