Sunday, 15 June 2008

The table and chairs and the Welsh dresser revealed!

Well, this has been a real back-breaking task. But hugely satisfying. And Debbie is right, it does start to get addictive. I never thought I'd stick at it for four days, though. I ache all over.

Okay, the dresser now looks like this:

It has primer and undercoat, and two coats of Laura Ashley Pale Linen, which is a fab colour. But it will need waxing as it's water based. The top was sanded with the power sander and waxed.

The table started life like this (not shown this before...)

and now, with the six chairs, it looks like this:

This was originally from Debenhams, and it really is a lovely set.

The kids got so excited, they had to do some boxing...

But back to what you wanted to see...

It isn't finished. The top took a while to sand, and now needs waxing. I'll probably wax it the same way as the dresser top, with Briwax and mild grade wire wool.

I obviously need to paint the two carvers - I left them as wanted to have a think about what colour. I was going to paint them Dimity to match the under table bit, but I think I'd prefer a F&B blue now. Or I'll use the Laura Ashley Eau de Nil. The chairs will need waxing, as I've used water based emulsion and it's not durable, whatever the paint makers try to say. But the colours are gorgeous and I'm really pleased, and I know the waxing will protect it well.

I'm toying with the idea of using different fabrics on each chair, to match the theme of the patchwork table and chairs. The children love it, and though the idea was to sell it, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to part with it.

So whaddya think?


Elaine said...

Absolutely beautiful Lacey, well done. You deserve that 4 month rest now.

Love and blessings

angel said...

Wow Plastic knicks, You have outdone yourself...........they are amazing. Wow.
I hate to say it as it sticks in my troat, but, you have done wonders and I respect your work.

Ok, that hurt, yuk yukkie yuk, Im not used to being nice to you. :-)

claire said...

I say 6 month rest :)
They look fabulous you should be dead chuffed with yourself and I don't blame you for not wanting to part with them xx

Trish said...

wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! they all look fab hun, well done you, it was worth being wonderwoman for a few days i think xxx

Cath said...

Beautiful, just love your work. The colours all go so well together. I'm sorry but I wouldn't be able to sell them either.


Lace Threads said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

TattingChic said...

ROFLMBO!!! Kids got to do some boxing...LOL! Those look like my kinda kids! The table set is looking good!