Thursday, 12 June 2008

Our wedding anniversary

It was our 14th wedding anniversay yesterday. We both had to work, but hubs cooked me a lovely meal in the evening. And bought me a necklace. And sent me a gorgeous bunch of flowers.
I gave him a flower hook, and a pink themos. Now, I felt a little guilty as these were kind of for me as well, and I was hoping the 14th was metal, but I was informed, as he opened the 'hmmm, a pink flask' that it was gold (hence the gold necklace ('but it's not real gold', I weakly pointed out).
But I was saved. I won two tickets for Dickens Unloved up in London, so that went down well. How lovely is that, to win tickets to a London theatre on your Wedding Anniversary. It's meant to be.

Anyway, some pictures. First the table with the flowers he sent me:

The controversial flask:

(He did like the flower hook, so that was okay.)

My meal, cooked by him:

I love my hubs. Thank you for a fabulous evening. x


Another Era said...

Aww how romantic, I love that flask too. Never mind this, lets see pics of the work you've been doing today! lol

angel said...

Oh, That is so sweet Lastic knickers, the pressies were sweet to.

April said...

Happy Anniversary

April xx

Trish said...

how lovely hun, gorgeous flask xxx