Friday, 13 June 2008

Ok, finished for the day. I'm glad I'm off out, is all I can say! I wonder if Debbie goes out, or just paints late into the evening! I've painted the first coat on three of them now. To be honest, this part is great fun. I've so far done a green, blue, and pink. The green (well, it's meant to be a green but looks it in real life and not in a pic! - centre one) is a F&B, the others are Homebase own (matt) as I couldn't find suitable in the F&B range. Left hand is Iris, right hand is Vintage pink.
I'm debating lilac or yellow for the fourth. Not sure about the two carvers yet. More to come.

Scrummy yummy!


Diane said...

You are doing a great job Hun, I really like the green

angel said...

Very Nice Honey, Well done.

I think you deserve a night out. Mwah. XXXXXXXXX

claire said...

Is that all you've done????
he he!!
They look lovely - I looked at my stuff today! its a start!

Elaine said...

They look so pretty Lacey, you've done a lovely job.

Love and blessings

TattingChic said...

Wow, those are beautiful colors. I can't wait to see them all finished!

Trish said...

they look fab sweetie, enjoy your night out, and no trying to post tomorrows daily thread if you are drunk!!!!!

Lavender hearts said...

They look great, well done! You did do them quickly! On hat course I was on a few people had hair and they got the sand paper out and sanded them to look like these expensive Laura Ashley chairs:

Sandie said...

Waiting in anticipation for your Sunday blog to see how everything has turned out.

Looking good so far!