Sunday, 8 June 2008

Hubby and crochet skirts and LK Bennett and Panda and Rabbit

I thought it was about time I said a huge thank you to my lovely hubbie. I'd been moaning about the ceiling of the toilet under the stairs - it was a sort of polystyrene push up make and put up with affair and I hated it. I've found some stunning paper to go in there, but didn't want to do anything until the ceiling was sorted. Well, lovely lovely hubbie has done a new ceiling. But one of the lights fell inside the new one. Don't ask me how! But this meant that this was what hubs had to do first thing this morning:

This was on a Sunday before 9 am. He'd taken up the landing carpet, the floorboards, and then had to get past the new pipes and bash a hole to get to the light from above.

Pushing my luck, I then mentioned the bathroom sink, which has had a hole in it patched with tape (I kid not, I'm too embarrassed to post a pic) for about 4 months since our eldest dropped the toothbrush mug in it. We have a sink waiting, rescued from a neighbour's skip. Darling hubs duly headed for the bathroom, started disconnecting, got up too quick and bashed and gashed his head on the glass shelf above. I have to admit that when I first heard about this (I was out finding some lovely goodies - more about those later - at the time) my first thought was "oh, -£$£er, that means the sink won't get done today". Anyway, hubs is lovely and a star to put up with me, so thank you.

So what else? I had to take eldest shopping for last minute things, as she's off to France tomorrow and very excited. I found some cute LK Bennett flip flops for £2 in a charity shop - brand new and really nice, but probably a freebie with some magazine. But I'm really pleased with them.

Do I admit to this...
Well, I guess I only have a couple of readers...

Last night a friend of my 10 yr old stayed, and I loved her skirt. I mean, loved it. Really - it was crochet and sequins, and lacey and everything I like. So,


cough cough


There, said it.

I'm not going to wear it on the school run. I'm going to wear it on the beach. And in case any of you are thinking, cow, how can she get into a child's skirt. No! Can't! It's an adult size 16 and has an adjustable waist. It was the last one in the shop. Isn't crochet wonderful. My daughter wants to share it. Hee hee.

Here you go, I know a picture is wanted.

See! Even the Sun was happy for me.

And ancient Panda and ancient Rabbit were watching with bemusement. Will blog about them some other time. Needless to say, they have shared my life.

Blessings all and thank you so much for reading. xxx


Trish said...

your poor hubby!!! didn't you do the sympathetic wife thingy????? lol
gklad your loo got sorted in the end hun, love the skirt xxx

angel said...

What a cheeky moo, nicking Ideas from your DD friend!

Dont go nicking any of mine now will you.

I love the B'eddy T'ears, all my kids have their, beddy's from thier Birth's. Ahhhh.

♥ KNITTING ART said...

YES!!! It's wonderful hobby :>)
I started to follow your page too.