Friday, 6 June 2008

An exciting swap package for June

Look what I got in the post at midday today! Just after my horrid blood test, so it was so lovely in terms of timing.

It's from the lovely Trish for a themed strawberries and cream swap, and it's such a lovely parcel to get. There's a bag, which she's made rather special with fabric and lace and a button (I love buttons and lace with a passion. How did she guess!)
There's a cute strawberry pincushion. I don't have a clue how she made this. It's incredibly professional. And a number of buttons (yummy) including the most perfect flower button you could ever wish for. Don't know how you parted with that! And, as if that's not enough, two long lengths of lace. Thank you Trish, heaps.


Trish said...

hun, I am so glad you like it all :) xxx

Priscilla said...

oooh I just love you swap gifts! Strawberry themed items are so cute, I really like the strawberry pincushion I am hoping to make one very soon from a tutorial by martha stewart, although I am a beginner stitcher so wish me luck! ha,ha The bag is lovely too, its so nice when something makes us happy, and yours ariving just at the right time!

Priscilla x

TattingChic said...

How fun to get a nice package from a friend. It's always such a delight. That strawberry pincushion is adorable.

angel said...

Oh, thats lovely Loonylegs, Trixiebelle is so talented. :-)

I have made a *))* for bibbly but its going to pale into insignificence to yours. :-(

I dont care though, its the thought that counts, init.