Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Decorative china lids for kitchen and upholstery begins

Thank you all who left comments about my engagement ring disaster - how sad that it's happened to so many people. I felt really stupid about it, as if it was my fault. But it happens. We're going to look into the possibility of insurance - not sure whether it would be covered or not.

Anyway, a much happier post this time. I had a lovely time on Sunday, as I spent it with my middle daughter, who was off to the IOW this week with her school. We started off at a car boot fair and the most exciting find was these:

I saw them and thought, those would look so pretty on the kitchen wall. They're lids, from broken containers/teapots/pots/whatever. I got chatting to the woman selling them (you meet such nice people at car boot sales!), who said she also had used them for years on the wall and had too many to keep. So I bought them for 30 pence each. Now I've just got to sort out where to hang them - will post a pic as soon as they are up. I'm so pleased, because my kitchen is finally coming together.

Then we got a lovely selection of fabrics for a £1 (or less - it was pennies really), including two rather nice Laura Ashley bits...

I also got a patchwork picnic rug, which was a giveaway for a £1, but the pic didn't work of that, so will post some other time - perhaps when we are enjoying a picnic on it.

Then we went for a walk by the Thames, and watched some boats going through a lock. It was nice to be oggling for once instead of on the boat! But it made us eager to plan our next narrowboat holiday.
Then we had brunch in a lovely cafe near the river.
And then we explored a lovely fat quarter fabric bits and pieces shop. I could have spent a fortune, particularly as my daughter's also into fabric, but we satisfied ourselves with a tiny bit plus some yo-yo makers. We've been making yo-yos for some time, so it'll be interesting to see how easy the yo-yo makers are to use. I'll post soon with pics on that one.

I'm now going to struggle with this job...can you guess what I'm going to be doing. I love this Laura Ashley fabric - summer palace. Pictures of the result soon!

So that's all for now. Have a wonderful day. x

Ps. Lookee what's just arrived from Bloomin Myrtle. (Link to her online shop, though she has so many orders, you need to swoop like a hawk to get a cat!) I'm so thrilled. She sews so beautifully.

I have to include an Angel like shot, as Angel always shows them belly up...but you get to see the cute heart patch on her back:

And meeting my lifelong companions - wonder how she'll look in coughcough years' time?!


Trish said...

ooohh I like those lids hun, especially the cut out one, I want to get myself some of that LA Biba/bibi fabric, its gorgeous xxx

Trish said...

me again :) love your purdy cat hunny, she is just like mine *wub*

angel said...

Heeelllooooooooooooooooooooooooo its me,lol did you guess!!!!!!!!!
I like the lids s'nice.
I lurve the Puddie, BM didnt tell me YOU was getting one too, naughty BM, does your puddies botty smell, mine smells nice.
Love and Huggles Honey bunny lastickec's and Hello Treacle.

Gotta fly............love you Gazzilions..............XXXXXXXXXXX

Lace Threads said...

Thank you - BM's cat is fab. And yes, she has a smelly bot. (The cat, I mean.) She's lovely (the cat and BM).

TattingChic said...

Your kitty cat is adorable. I like her a lot.

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, Just to let you know I've tagged you, please see my blog.

Sian x