Saturday, 28 June 2008

Cabinet bargain

Gosh, what a busy week, topped this morning by a neighbour's tree shedding a heavy branch into our garden. I've been tagged by Lavender hearts to show the view from my kitchen window - happy to oblige, but when the tree has been dealt with! Fortunately we are on friendly terms with all our neighbours and it's going to get sorted soon. Hubs went to see this neighbour, and made out he was very very old (he's at the back, so not met him), making me worried we should sort it out ourselves - this neighbour appeared about 2 mins later and looked a very sprightly 60 year old to me and very switched on about his responsibility to sort it out. Hubs! Honestly!

Well, I was so thrilled this morning. I've wanted a storage solution for my fabric... found one on ebay. And it turned out it was two, not one (wasn't clear in the listing). I only have a very poor picture but am so excited, I wanted to share...


Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, that's a bit of a bargain. Two for the price of one! I feel sorry for peeps allergic to cats, they are such gorgeous creatures. They really make a home.

It's the proteins in the cat's saliva that cause the allergy not the hairs so even if you had a short-haired cat I think someone with an allergy would still suffer. I have heard that rubbing the cat with a slightly damp cloth can help to prevent the proteins becoming airborne, however, it's far from ideal...I am a science geek btw! :-) I hope that helps, sorry it's not a positive answer! :-)

Elaine said...

I couldn't imagine being without my cat. Anti-hystericals, they help, just keep some in the cupboard, and pop one in the mouth of the sufferer when they start sneezing!

I have a niece who is allergic to the fur, and a SiL whose allergic to the saliva (but only if it touches her).
Not getting rid of my cat though hehe!

Love and blessings

Ps, love the shelves.

angel said...

They are lovely lactic...........and the puddies are yummy too, I actually want one now..........have you put a dodgy hex on this Bloggie blog blog, or are you on commission....hummmmmm.