Thursday, 5 June 2008

Bedroom blinds and a lovely curtain designer

About four weeks ago I was lucky enough to stumble on a lovely woman at a car boot fair (one I rarely go to, and she rarely sells at, so it was kind of meant to be). She was selling off her fabric, as she's a curtain/blind maker and she has to shift it or it drowns her. So I went a little bit mad (you have to remember, these were fabrics that sell at £48 a metre and up, so I did have a good reason).

I've already talked about this, but I'm now trying to decide between just two of the fabrics for my bedroom, in which I have a bay window. This is the first:

This is the second:

Both are stunning Jane Churchill fabrics and I want to make blinds for my bedroom window, as we've lived with the awful curtains the previous owner left for some 9 years now (you can see them peeping out behind the fabric below - very dark and sombre).

I think I've opted for the first, the flowery/butterfly fabric as it goes better with our lilac walls, but I don't quite have enough. Searching on ebay for more to pad out what I have, I was shocked to see a metre of the other fabric, a jacquard print, reaching £57. For ONE METRE! Gulp. So I'll have to try and find another way to stretch the fabric. Perhaps add a panel?

Anyway, my saving grace is the previous fabric owner, bless her, gave me her number. I've rung her today, and she's going to come round and give me some tips next week. How lovely is that. I told her she can have a good laugh at my first blind (see my blog about that), but she sounds really interested to see it.

There are such nice people around, aren't there! She gave my daughter some fabric, and my daughter's made a lovely little fabric heart for her, so I'll give her that.

I thought as I was taking pics in my bedroom, I'd let you all see my bedside table. Kind of a mini corner of my home. I always like taking peeks, so it's about time I contributed. I kind of feel that everybody else makes their corners look prettier, though. How do you do that?! Tips would be appreciated.

Right, back to real life. Off to sort out my fridge!


Shakespere said...

Hi. Lovely blog. I enjoyed reading.

Trish said...

mmmm likey that fabric, it will look fab at your window hun I am sure xxx

Raspberry Grace said...

Yor fabric is lovely, you lucky girl!

Love, Rasp xxx

angel said...

I prefer the curtains you all ready have, so as you won't be needing that horrid new fabric, I can take it off your hands.*whistling*

Lace Threads said...

Isn't it lush: I am very lucky to have found it.
Angelcakes, much as I lubs you, not a chance.
You could have the previous curtains though?!

angel said...

Erm no thanks, lovely as they are, I will let someone else have that pleasure.

Thanks for the offer though.

Foiled again, drat.