Friday, 30 May 2008

Marie Claire Idees - what a fantastic magazine

I feel like I've discovered the Holy Grail of crafting, way after everybody else.

I was in a bookshop a week or so ago, and saw this.

Now, believe it or not, this was a total revelation to me. I flicked through and just couldn't believe the inspiration I was seeing. It's an incredible magazine, as the whole world aside from me (I now realize) appears to know. I ummed and ahhed, as it was £4.50. Eeeeek. But I'm so glad I decided to go for it.

Just peek inside (for the one other person who also doesn't know this magazine exists).

I rushed into work, where helpfully I sit next to a lovely French girl.
"I found this really amazing French magazine on the way in. Look!"
"Ah, yes, it is incredible. They have such lovely ideas. It's hard to get here - is that the new edition. It's a shame it only comes out every 3 months."
"I just never knew this magazine existed. I can't stop looking at the pictures."
"Yes, me and my mother always spent hours pouring over it. All the ideas are explained at the back, with templates and whatever else you need. They have this show in Paris every year..."

Well, I wanna go to the show!

I can't believe I haven't picked up on this, but I am very new to blogging. Of course, now I look, extracts are all over the place, and their inspiration. But I hadn't seen it before. So that's what I am so excited about at the moment. Please tell me I am not alone in my ignorance! Somebody else must not have known about this magazine. Please!?


Trish said...

oooooohhhhh I haven't seen this before either hun :) looks fab xxx

ps, well done on winning angels 20, 000000000000 year old tea pot lol

angel said...

No Me either, but I do now.:-)

Trixietrish, Nicker lackie won the Shawl not the Teapot, silly.
Thats still up for grabs...............It only went on yesterday. tsk tsk.
I wish you peoples would read the blog properly its 20000,000000, 0000000000 years old.

Lace Threads said...

Tee hee - I best Trish gets the 2 year old reproduction tacky teapot jug wotjamacallit!

Trish: I am so glad you haven't seen it before either. It is fab. All in French though, so stretching my 'O' level U grade to the max!
xxxxxxxxxxxx to both of ya. Thanks for leaving a comment. Nobody else lubs me enough! I'll have to start pongyangel's trick and offer giveaways. Classy ones, though!
Hmmmm. Next month could be a ....
shawl! (Joke, Ang, joke!)

Trish said...

stop bickering you 2 pmsl!!!!! sorry I thought you had the cra, sorry lovely 300, 00000, 00000, 00000, 0000000000000, year old tea pot lol.

The lace on the jigsaw is on the top left hand and bottom right hand pieces it covers the whole bit xxx

Country Bliss said...

I've never seen this before either, but perhaps it hasn't arrived in Cornwall yet! Looks good though.

Lace Threads said...

Thank goodness for that - so there are three of us who have never seen it before (given I can't count Angel as she didn't even bother to read the post but commented anyway! I mean, where's the brains in that! lol)
Thank you for your comments. xxx

April said...

I've never seen this mag either - so will be looking out for it

April xx

Rosie said...

Hi there, well seen the mag in Borders, but never looked inside - what a mistake that was!

Had a good look through your blog, its great. Read The Secret and seen the DVD, got Ester and Jerry too. Am also an EFT and NLP practitioner, and have had lots of things happen to me that I "asked" for. Nice to meet you, hope to chat again.

Rosie x

claire said...

4 -well sort of I'd seen it mentioned on a blog but didn't know it existed here!
The pics look fab - I'll have to keep a beady eye out x

Trish said...

hiya hun, when you updating then??? and guess who is sending to you in the swap :D xxx

angel said...

Oi, lastic kec's I did read your Post EVERY BLIMMIN BIT OF IT, Cheeky moo.

I always read ALL your post's except the bits I cant be bothered to read. *Sticking tongue out*

Wub U

angel said...

Oi, lacylonglegs, where are you, I'm fretting now!
and missing you..............XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX said...

I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE. I normally get it when I am abroad or send all my friends off in search of it. Where did you buy it from. I would love to get a copy and am unable to locally. Let me know!!!!!!!

Love Emma xxxxx