Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Make a driftwood boat tutorial

This is the driftwood boat I made for the ShabbyChic forum swap - my first swap - and I wanted to post a tuturial as it was such a fun boat to do. I've had it in my mind to try for simply ages, so I'm pleased I was inspired to give it a go. I owe the inspiration to a coffee morning at a friends some ten years ago, when her artist husband had made simpler versions with just the wood and not additions such as sails as baby mobiles. I've long lost touch, but thank you for the inspiration.

So first, you need to have collected a bunch of driftwood. I've always collected driftwood, and keep a jug of it on my dresser as it looks so precious just sitting there. I soak it in clean water when I first get it home to get rid of the salt, and then dry it out again. Here's some of my driftwood:

Next, play around with shapes. You need two peices to make a simple boat.

You join the two with a small nail and some fabric glue. The nail pushes in easily and the glue helps hold the two together. Once you've joined the wood, you can cut a piece of paper as a pattern for the sail. Lay the wood boat onto a piece of A4, and pencil in a shape that works. Then cut around the shape, and check it in position. A brass eye is added to the top, front and back of the boat to attach the fabric to - you can do this now if it helps position your fabric.

Use the pencil pattern to cut a piece of fabric - double over the fabric as shown by the two pics that follow - so cut with one folded edge, preferably the outer edge:

Fold and pin the fabric sail, then stictch around the edge, about 5 mm or so in from the edge. Leave a channel at the fold so you can feed picture wire through to attach the sail to the eyes. In the picture below, the right hand sail is done, the left hand is ready to be stitched and have the wire threaded through.

Once the two sails are in place, sew a loop of thread to attach the bottom centre sail to the mast.

Finally add a little piece of picture wire to the top as a hook. I also added two button fish, trailing from the back and used Bostick to glue on three buttons as portholes. It's a very relaxing thing to make, and it's fun hanging on the wall. Enjoy! And please do let me know/send a link if you make one. I'd love to see it.


Trish said...

hun that is so cool, I love it :) looks quite easy to make too, I might have a go, need to get some driftwood first (not easy when you live as inland as I do now)

angel said...

Now that Lanky nicker is class, well done you, I would never have thought you had it in you.Lol.

Miss_Phish said...

As the prooud new owner of this little gem I can honestly say - IT IS GORJUS!!!!

Thankyou so much petal, I love it

Jane xx