Sunday, 11 May 2008

The kindness of strangers... and fabric!

I've been the lucky recipient of three acts of kindness from complete strangers this week, and I mean generous acts of kindness. I don't know what I've done to deserve it as I've had a bit of a poor week in many ways and I've been so touchy I feel I'm walking around with a big black cloud above my head.
One of those strangers I met today at a car boot of all places. We decided late last night to do one this morning, as we'd collected an obscene amount of stuff. It went well and we got some much needed funds in rather than out. But the best thing of all: I met such a wonderful person there. She was selling off some absolutely divine (no other word for it) fabrics... for peanuts. She's a professional curtain/blind maker, and once a year has to have a major clear out, and fortunately I bumped into her on that once. How lovely is that: especially as we rarely have car boot sales.
Anyway, having snapped up some of her fabrics - can a girl have too much fabric?! - we got chatting and I was telling her about my blind and how funny she'd find it. Then she offered to come and talk me through my next blind (I bought some Jane Churchill fabric from her for my bedroom windows for a sum so embarrassingly small, I'm not going to admit to it). She started like me 25 years ago, when her children were young, and got hooked. I can see this happening (though not me running a successful fabric business, just the getting hooked part!). She also very generously gave my daughter some stunning fabric hearing that she loves to play with fabric.
So I'm feeling as though I've had a rather special guardian angel on my shoulder this week. My turn to pass it on and help people next week, I think.


Trish said...

there are still some lovely people out there hun :) can't wait to see the blind finished x

Lace Threads said...

Well, you've been one of those people, Trish. Thank you. xx