Friday, 2 May 2008

Birthday cakes for children

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the cakes I've made for the little Laces over the years. I've had great fun with these: most have been taken from cake books, and we've started to reuse favourite bits as the icing figures keep. These are incredibly easy to do, and very relaxing as well.The three pigs was for my son's 7th birthday. Spot the bumblebees: they usually appear after having been a favourite on a woodland tree I made some 2 or 3 years back.

The fire engine was for same son's third birthday: he featured in a photocopy in the cab windows. It was a perfect choice for a three year old boy! But we weren't allowed to eat or get rid of the cab for a long, long time!

One of my favourites, but also the most fiddly to do was the troll village. Those tiles took an age to cut and position. A friend kindly helped with some of these cakes, and she was here until midnight cutting and positioning tiles. But it was well worth it: it was possibly the most popular of any cake I've done. Spot the bumblebees!

I'd love to see links to cakes some of you have made - please do let me know.


Diane said...

Wow those cakes are amazing, you have talant!

Debbie said...

wow caroline those cakes look delicious!! I once made a pumpkin cake for halloween and all the colours ran - i ended up sitting in the kitchen crying with this horrible brown and orange beachball looking thing!! lol

Trish said...

wow!!! I have just found your blog, those cakes are fab, I struggle with a basic sponge lol

RosieB said...

They're brilliant! I love that you use the bumble bees over and over - its the sort of little family tradition that you will all remember in years to come! :)