Monday, 26 May 2008

Decorating: The Laura Ashley wallpaper hunt

First thing this morning, when we realised it was raining too much to go out, I asked

So, who'll help me get the little bathroom ready, and who wants to do some papering?

3 littleuns: Yep, we'll help (bless: they are still at THE age when you can make them think it's going to be really exciting whatever you do!)

Right, we'll have to mix up some wallpaper paste, then get the papering table up, then cut the lining paper...

3 littleuns: Silence.

Okay, let's get going.

7 hours later, who's doing it on their lonesome!!! They did help put the table up, but interest quickly waned!

Still I've got a coat of Dimity on the woodwork, and two of the walls are lined.

I'm planning to use a Laura Ashley paper I picked up in their £1.50 bin last week: Magnolia, in Duck Egg. I'm hoping another one or two will turn up in another bin, as I can't justify the £25 it'll cost to get a roll. So I'll be hunting out Laura Ashleys!

Here's my one roll!

Isn't it lush! I am drooling over it.

It's currently out of stock anyway. But I figure if I begin with one wall, another roll may turn up in another bin!

Also, I bought some lovely barkcloth off cooltrikerchick on ebay. She is so wonderful, and she sells some terrific stuff (I'll save the other thing I bought for another post!). Anyway, it is now termporarily replacing the tatty dirty net sort of curtains we had, and adds a great splash of colour. That's until I decide what to do with it. But I can at least enjoy the fabric!


And after:


angel said...

OOOOHHHHH AHHHHH, I love the curtain fabric!
CTC is very kind isnt she.
I will look for wallpaper for you just because I can.
Whats it called again?

Leave a mgs on MY blog.

Trish said...

that paper is gorgeous hun, I really must try to get to LA this week xxx

angel said...

Sorry Lacylips, I couldnt get any paper in our LA shop, the lady was far to posh to "Hold a Sale" tsk tsk.
Snobby wassit.

shabby chic said...

The wallpaper is so lovely, a pretty colour with lovely flowers . they do good wallpapers dont they, they are good at end of season sale too!

sharie said...

Your wallpaper and fabic are gorgeous! Why can't i find bargains like that roll in the bargain bin?