Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sewing box transformation

Do you remember this, found at a car boot sale for just £1?

Well, lookee at it now!

And a peek inside...From this:

To this...

Isn't it wonderful what you can do with a pound! And a fabric stash :-)

Now, a message for Angel: just to prove I didn't delete/lose/cut your comment, here it is:
Coooooeeeeeeeeeee, Lackie bottom, its MEEEEEEEEEEE, I dont know about you but I usually eat my apples!!
I love that stool thingy watchamacallit, You didnt really do it did you, nah, you had a proffessional do it for you didnt
Have a great weekend, Im off to a wedding tomorrow, so see you Monday. Love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXX

I don't know what happened Angelpops - it just disappeared off into the ether, but I cut and pasted it from my email notification. See, I do lub ya! Thanks for the comment. And yes, I bliddy well did do it! Nah! xxx


claire said...

Its lovely x I'm on the look out for one - just cos I want a blackboard on the side!!! :)claire

Trish said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yum, I think you NEED to send that to me now!!!!!!! :)

sharie said...

well done, a vast improvement!!

April said...

Wow, that looks stunning, well done you!

April xx

Trish said...

am pmsl at angels comment lol

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How cute!!!! You did a wonderful job on this!!!


angel said...

CooooooooooEeeeeeeeeeeee, Im Back.

So did the apple fairys nick my post then, hummmmmm.
I think not, Tacky lakey, t'was you t'wasnt it!

I'm a classy Bird, and my wings are not Shabby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I still Lubs ya. XXXXXXXXXXXX

TattingChic said...

That is a fun sewing box transformation, just beautiful...what did you do with all the wonderful vintage notions inside?
I saw your blog name and I thought...oh, I like lace...I make tatted lace. You have a fun blog. said...

What a cute redo!

Highland Monkey's said...

Gosh what a transformation, it's stunning.